Renegotiating the social contract in the age of dysfunction

Just about all of us experience financial precarity.  It is the American way now.

Financial precarity has toughened us up.  Scandinavia, in a flex on how advanced they are, eliminated precarity the way one eliminates a disease like small pox or polio.  Scandinavia cured financial insecurity, but it made them too civilized for their own good.   My heart aches for the Nordic countries, but I think they’ll figure it out in time.

The financially precarious man has a bit of the soul of a wild animal in him. 

Financial precarity forces you to engage intensely in resource acquiring activities.  Responding to precarity is where we can truly shine.

Remember, necessity is the mother of invention.

Financial precarity wrecks our confidence in ourselves.  We feel like losers because we acquire insufficient resources.

But I want to give you back some confidence.  You are not losing on a level playing field.  The federal reserve has been handing out free money to what are called “zombie companies.”. Companies that should have gone out of business and opened the field to new men, are kept on government life support indefinitely.

Zombie companies provide a terrible product or service.  Metro taxi in Connecticut is an example.  They will accept hundreds of medical rides every day that they don’t do.  Getting your medical ride is literally hit or miss.  People have definitely died earlier than they would have because of lack of government promised transportation.

And this sort of thing happens across the board.  We’ve become an incredibly dysfunctional country.

And that’s exactly why every one of us has a chance to become great, right now, on this historical moment of the third decade of the 21st century.

Hard Times create Strong Men.

Financial precarity must translate to resourcefulness, industriousness and competence.

If you are starting at zero but you are motivated, how do you get your first leg up? 

The answer is to study a trade and simultaneously study mathematics and newtonian mechanics (basic physics) because this will make you better at your trade.

Recommended trades are carpenter electrician plumbing HVAC CNC machining and diesel mechanic.  Also, if you work in a factory you have the opportunity to learn trades.

When you get an entry level job in a trade, you can study the field inexpensively or for free on the internet.  For example, home repair/handyman is an excellent field for starting your own business.  There is infinite demand for handymen.  If you get an apprentice job with a handyman or electrician or plumber or HVAC or all of the above, watch YouTube videos or even take a (dirt cheap) course on to learn the theory.  Your employer will be glad to not have to spoon-feed the theory to you, and you’ll be useful and productive faster.

Studying online in the evenings while doing hands on during the day will accelerate your path to getting licensed/credentialed and either starting a business or becoming an “inspector” and ensuring that construction work is done to code.  Inspectors, whether electrical, plumbing, or carpentry/masonry, are well paid professionals.  This can also lead to becoming an engineer of some sort, electrical/mechanic/civil.  Udemy can get you the knowledge without the credentials, but in the trades, the uncredentialed but competent man can go far.  Moreover, engineering school is brutally difficult so it’s better to learn as much as possible ahead of time, in case you decide to go get an official engineering degree.  There’s no risk of “wasting my time by learning it twice.”. You will be very glad for everything you studied on YouTube and Udemy and on the job BEFORE you go to university for an engineering degree.

I have been studying math and electronics on my own time, and these days I work in a factory.  I used to work with the public and absolutely hated them.  The public doesn’t deserve you!  Work with machines and materials, not with people!

I am much better at my factory work thanks to my regular studying.  It requires precision work with materials and the old timers at the factory rely on skill and eyeballing.  It’s how a tradesman flexes, he has the skill to do a straight cut from practice.  But a physicist doesn’t want to wait to develop skill. He wants his first cut to be straight and so he uses a “jig” and gets the job done right every time. This is how I work at the factory.  I find ways whenever possible to use tools to ensure accuracy and precision.  Skill is a last resort.

It’s similar in small businesses.  There are free services where a professional business consultant tells you if your business idea will work, and if you start a business, the consultant will perpetually coach you how to run your business.

The free business consultant is like using a jig in carpentry.  If your cut is accurate, the factory owner doesn’t care if it was skill or a jig.   If you make good business decisions and turn a profit, nobody knows or cares that you had a free business consultant.

The mathematical mindset trains you to find the jig that will make your work more likely to succeed.

The German people are renowned for their prowess in mathematics and engineering. In Germany a tradesmen has more respect and prestige than in the USA, and German vocational schools teach calculus and physics along with carpentry and plumbing.

The Germans understand that math is the universal job skill. Every job skill is just an application of mathematics.

When you are earning a good income, you need to be financially literate and have an understanding of economics.  Economics isn’t just about money, but about life itself.

Economics is about decision making.  There are always opportunity costs and trade-offs.  Your life and energy and time has value, and you must value it because no one else will.  Others will gladly parasite off of you and take your time, energy and money while offering little or nothing in return.  Learning about economics can be a kind of deworming medicine for your life.

I’ll provide a couple of examples.  One is women who “keep beta orbiters in the friend zone “. Don’t be a beta orbiter.  If you’re thirsty for female companionship, don’t settle for a friend zone.  Move on.  Value yourself, or others will drain the value out of you.

Since the 1960’s, when President Lyndon Johnson started the welfare state with his “War on Poverty” and so-called “Great Society,” women have had the option to marry the government instead of marrying a mere man.  Throughout human history, the human family was organized around the fact of women being dependent on men for material and physical security.  The position of “father and husband” was thus secured by female precarity.  It is true and unfortunate that men sometimes abused their authority or abandoned their families, but good men often condemned or punished such behavior.

This arrangement, however imperfect, was in the best interests of children.  The vast majority of children grew up under the protection and tutelage of fathers, and the unfortunate children who lacked fathers often found proxy fathers in the community to teach and train them.

Now we have female financial liberation by the government, and it is the reason women have the upper hand in the so-called “dating marketplace.”.  A date is a job interview for a man, while it is merely a shopping trip for women.  Young women prefer to share a top tier man who doesn’t commit to them, rather than settle for an ordinary man who would be a proper husband and father.  So if women seem cruel, it’s because the government has made them that way.

In the same vein, we have generations of young people who are emotionally unstable and unemployable because they grew up in single mom households, under single moms who also grew up in a single mom household.  The dysfunction becomes exponentially worse with each generation!  This is largely why we have a supply chain crisis and food and goods are becoming scarce.  The pandemic unemployment payments broke the last vestiges of a work ethic.  The employers share blame as well, for treating employees quite poorly.

The social contract has suffered multiple compound fractures.  But maybe that’s good thing!  Maybe, it’s about time this sick society finally broke, so dysfunctional models of living can be finally swept away, and something new can emerge.

Thre are many sayings in banking and finance and economics that have surprising applications to our ordinary lives.  In this moment of extreme social ferment, one in particular comes to mind.

“Invest when there is blood in the streets, even if that blood is your own.” This saying is attributed to an unspecified “Baron Rothschild”.  Nathan Rothschild (1777-1836) was made a Baron in England, so I believe this is the individual they meant.

In his memoir, “The Craft of Intelligence,” CIA director Allen Dulles related the story of how Nathan Rothschild multiplied his fortune by receiving early news of the defeat of Napoleon by Wellington at Waterloo.  Rothschild, upon learning this news before everyone else in England, sold off all his stocks, causing a panic and a market crash.  He then bought back stocks for a low price.  The next day, news of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon sent the English stock market to record highs, multiplying the Rothschild fortune many times over.

We suffer from the instability, the malign incentives and lawlessness of modern society when we try to play by the long established rules of earning an honest living and engaging in good faith courtship with women who are financially back stopped and favored in divorce court by the State.  We need to learn a new game.

We are living under constant “blood in the streets.”. Our people are being killed off with opiates and race mixing and high fructose corn syrup.  “Invest when there’s blood in the streets, even if that blood is your own.”.  Every overdose, every white girl who takes up the single mom lifestyle, every unemployable vidya game addict – that’s blood in the streets.  Your own life is likely less successful than it could be.  A low paying, low skilled job when you could be doing something better and higher paying.  No gf, or a gf or wife who is disrespectful and coarse.  This is all blood in the streets.

Let’s consider the verb “invest.”. Invest what?  We don’t have any money to invest!  What sort of mockery is this?

Invest in yourself.  Let everyone around you go to the devil!  You invest in yourself first!  If you don’t value yourself, no one else will value you!

Learning math and trades as discussed above is how you invest.  You are rich in human capital, but if your human capital sits idle, like an abandoned and rusting machine, then it is wasted.

If you play vidya or watch entertainment, you are letting your human capital rust away.  You must drive yourself hard to truly live.   All you need is basic raw intelligence and motivation.

This is a historical moment when men who are rich in human capital will be able to take over abandoned assets and restart civilization on our terms.

The government, the liberals, the women all consider civilization to be an automatic vending machine that will serve their needs at the push of a button, because liberal ideology has taught them all their life that they are entitled. 

The men who keep civilization functioning are on the lowest rung of the social ladder, for now.  I used to work as a government contractor, a “provider” and the contract was managed by liberal Silicon Valley types who treated me as one who was totally and immediately replaceable, and probably paid too much.  At the same time, these Silicon Valley liberals were themselves incompetent and delusional about the true situation.  When they failed to pay me on time, I abruptly quit the contract and got phone calls begging me not to quit.  Now they are suffering from a lack of “providers” across the state, and they deserve it.

This is a microcosm of what’s happening across the country.  The competent men are dying off, retiring, or “going Galt.”

“Going Galt” is a reference to the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and it means “withdrawing their services in protest against a society that damned them for being productive and expropriated the fruits of their labor.”

The path of trades and studying engineering is consistent with going Galt, because, as tradesmen, we will have the upper hand in the skilled labor marketplace.  We will be working with machines and materials rather than “human services,” and we’ll take payment up front and brook no disrespect.

We will have the leverage to structure our lives and livelihoods so that we don’t pay for or serve liberals or coarse women.

The old right wing movement incited anger and advocated violence.  This was understandable, but ineffective.  The question of the morality or justification doesn’t even matter.  We figured out that it was ineffective and therefore discarded it.

The Ayn Rand strategy of “going Galt” in this period of financial and material instability is legal, non-violent, insidious and effective for generations into the future.  It amounts to a compelled renegotiation of the social contract that it will be in our favor and in the best interests of White children.