Monero: The Alternative to Being Canceled by the Bank

It’s a very common story: someone with the audacity to have views that are other than globalist or liberal discovers that their bank account has been shut down without notice. This is done under the auspices of “reputational risk,” and financial institutions are allowed to cancel bank accounts, credit card processing and so forth if they believe doing business with you poses a risk to their reputation.

Although you’d think this applied to murderers out on parole, child molesters or other registered sex offenders, this is evidently not the case. Rather, this treatment is reserved for people who oppose forcible injections with experimental therapies, believe an election might not have been conducted under legitimate conditions, who oppose the genocide of a particular race of people, or who oppose global corporatism.

Most recently Lauren Witzke discovered her bank account shut down.

Cryptocurrency allows you to be your own bank. Nobody can shut down your cryptocurrency wallet. That is one reason it is giving nightmares to the control freaks in various centers of power. And the very best cryptocurrency, because so far it cannot be traced so as to protect your privacy, is Monero.

Naturally, European Americans United is ahead of the curve on this, and a while back we wrote a manual for our members on how to use Monero. This manual explains cryptocurrency in general, Monero in particular, and all of the ins and outs so anyone can understand it.

And now, it is available for free to anyone who would like to download it. You can get it by clicking the link: eauxmr.pdf