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Our Submerged Natural Aristocracy

A term I often use is “submerged natural aristocracy,” so it makes sense for me to explain what the concept entails.

No matter what facade is used, all governments are actually run by oligarchies.

Sometimes, as in the days of (actual) English aristocracy, these oligarchies are clear and in the open. Because such oligarchies are formalized and widely identified and known, they are accountable. That is, if they make a mess of things, people know where to show up with their torches and pitchforks, and thus there is a level of accountability. Although there is a very obvious double-standard in almost everything, this is accepted because the rules are clear but also an interdependence: the commoners need the aristocracy for protection and justice, and the aristocracy needs the commoners for everything else.

If an oligarchy is a completely closed system that neither admits new blood due to merit nor removes old blood due to corruption, it degenerates. Human genetics are complex, and due to chromosomal recombination and transposition, there is no guarantee of a child having all the best attributes of its parents. And thus nearly all strictly hereditary aristocracies eventually fail, with the infamous House of Habsburg ending with a sickly mutant so extensively genetically damaged that he could not reproduce.

Concepts such as primogeniture in which the first child would inherit also led to such first born children being murdered by jealous siblings, or simply to unfortunate succession in which more gifted younger siblings were sent to monasteries for their genes to die out while less suitable first children continued the family line. Although third-cousin marriage is ideal for preservation of favorable attributes, much closer consanguinous marriages were arranged to reserve wealth thus compromising genetic quality further.

The British with the age of mercantilism found that corporations could amass far more wealth than noble families could accumulate, and opened their aristocracy by virtue of intermarrying with wealthy merchants and bankers, thereby degenerating the character of their lineage to such a degree that calling its remnants British is a bit of a joke.

So merely being open would not suffice to preserve quality when the criteria of that openness favored unscrupulous character traits. A British aristocracy already weakened from being too closed thus opened admittance on extremely faulty criteria that led to its irrelevance. Today the Queen of England is the primary advocate for the genocide of her own people. The fact that she either doesn’t see or doesn’t care where that leads speaks volumes. This compromise of the British aristocracy by mercantile wealth, something that Thomas Jefferson will reference later in this article, served as the basis for America’s current reigning oligarchy as well.

On the other end of the spectrum we have hidden oligarchies. The hidden Jewish oligarchy behind the original Bolshevik revolution and early USSR is well-known in pro-European-American circles today, but capitalism is far from immune. In fact, it can be said that modern liberal capitalist democracies are the poster children of hidden oligarchy. The U.S. Constitution, for example, explicitly bans titles of nobility and guarantees equal treatment under law. This bans explicit oligarchy, but a hidden one is guaranteed. This first dawned on me when I read Belloc’s The Servile State (

Consider, for example, the very obvious role that the GOP plays as controlled opposition. When they have access to power, they never advance their stated objectives. Moreover, they don’t even punish their rivals and promote their friends. But when they are out of power, they vociferously state their objections to the very policies they never rolled back when they had a chance. So year after year the contest between the GOP and Democrat parties makes leading headlines like a football game, but the ball only ever travels in one direction on the field.

There are many reasons the ball only seems to travel in one direction, and they can’t all be addressed in one article. But for now I will concentrate on the most obvious answer, which anyone can see by looking at the campaign contributors for various Congressmen at Of course, it goes beyond this, such as the multimillion dollar advance that former V.P. Mike Pence was provided for a book that will likely be ghost-written. So what we see is that the long term fortunes of Congressmen are controlled by their subservience to the entities they are supposed to regulate. And if you look even more closely, you’ll find the lion’s share of campaign donations are directly or indirectly controlled by around 25 people. Most of whose names you have never heard.

Here, for example, you can find a list of the largest individual donors in the last election, and also the top institutional donors. Please notice that top organizational donors have a large overlap in terms of ownership with the top individual donors. If you pay close attention, you might notice some other patterns too. This does not count the fact there are numerous avenues to hide election funding, not the least of which is that a somewhat favorable media is a precondition for election, which makes the media more powerful than Congress.

So here we have a situation where there is an oligarchy, or perhaps a couple of oligarchies, whose members are largely unknown and (not coincidentally) almost never reported in media. Unlike explicit oligarchs in an aristocracy who acknowledge the power they wield, the hidden oligarchs deny they have power or even portray themselves as victims while they use the lives of the American people as their playthings, and are completely unaccountable. We don’t get a vote on who runs Viacom. Because these people cannot be held accountable and removed from their positions, they are, effectively, the true sovereigns.

When a President signs an executive order or Congress passes a law, they did not write these themselves. These were written by NGOs controlled by the same oligarchs who fund their campaigns and give them sweetheart book and “consulting” gigs when they leave office.

I won’t go into the machinations that the oligarchs go through to select their next generation or their middle managers who serve in presidential cabinets. There’s a reason Trump had no choice but to surround himself with Swamp Creatures.

What is important here is to note the fundamental reality that people like us, you and me, are systematically excluded at every level from ever being in a position to be in any Presidential cabinet. People are painstakingly selected based on certainly relationships and loyalties. And if you had these, you would not be reading this.

A key aspect of our existing oligarchy is that it lives within a peculiarly American mythos that serves to insulate it from analysis. And that mythos is that, in our system, people rise based on hard work, forward planning, postponed gratification and intelligence. Thus, those who are within the oligarchy see themselves as deserving of their position, even if they never lifted a finger in their lives. And those outside the oligarchy will often view them with reverence, incorrectly believing that the oligarchs are there due to a merit which they themselves do not possess.

One look at Jeffrey Epstein should disabuse us of such notions.

Generally speaking, if an oligarchy, whether hidden or overt, rules well and competently, nobody really notices them or cares. Everything works as it should. The people are thriving, justice prevails, families are investing in their children, and whatever limits might exist on freedom are not things noticed by people content to exist within basic boundaries of ethics.

It’s when the oligarchy rules poorly that people start to notice. And to say the oligarchy is doing poorly would be quite an understatement. Under the careful guidance of the oligarchy who are their true masters, our elected officials have hollowed out our industrial capacity in the name of short-term profits for oligarchs who make money by stealing half-pennies. Our infrastructure is failing, our national debt is insane, and the unfunded liabilities exceed the entire value of the country. They have forced down our birth rates with insane policies, imported hostile replacement populations non-stop and taught those replacement populations to hate us. They couldn’t rule any worse if they specifically intended us harm.

And this finally brings us to the concept of a natural aristocracy, freely stolen (without permission) from a letter penned by Thomas Jefferson in 1813 to his friend, John Adams. In this letter, he states, in part:

“For I agree with you that there is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are virtue and talents. Formerly bodily powers gave place among the aristoi. But since the invention of gunpowder has armed the weak as well as the strong with missile death, bodily strength, like beauty, good humor, politeness and other accomplishments, has become but an auxiliary ground of distinction. There is also an artificial aristocracy founded on wealth and birth, without either virtue or talents; for with these it would belong to the first class. The natural aristocracy I consider as the most precious gift of nature for the instruction, the trusts, and government of society. And indeed it would have been inconsistent in creation to have formed man for the social state, and not to have provided virtue and wisdom enough to manage the concerns of the society.”

So the natural aristocracy of a People is primarily determined by virtue and talents, with bodily strength, beauty, good humor, politeness and other accomplishments as secondary factors. Notice that nowhere in this list are such factors as “loyalty to a globalist olicharchy or foreign ethnic clique.” In fact, a basic examination of the values of victimology pushed by the ruling oligarchy shows them to be actively hostile to our natural aristocracy.

And thus, our natural aristocracy is submerged. Instead of ruling as would only be fitting and wise, our natural aristocracy is deliberately held down, misdirected and even sometimes killed. You’ve seen this happen at a small scale in corporations when the best people were not promoted. But this has been happening on a country-wide scale in the U.S. for more than 100 years, and it has become so big it can no longer be hidden.

Among the virtues and talents of the natural aristocracy is the ability to discern lies. By the time someone gets to the point of reading this article, they have overcome a pervasive environment of lies in order to at least grope toward truth. They have overcome twelve years or more of school brainwashing, lies their parents told due to their own brainwashing, lies implicitly and explicitly in all media they consumed for years and years. They overcame it all, and now seek truth, which is another virtue of the natural aristocrat.

The natural aristocrat might lack the hubris to call himself such, but he does so indirectly when he refers to “normies.” He eventually grows to understand that he is different from normies in a fundamental way, and it is a chasm that a normie cannot cross until the natural aristocrat builds that bridge for him.

The natural aristocrat has the virtue of far-seeing. That is, he looks to and is concerned about the future and will prioritize the well-being of future generations above present comforts. At the same time, he is possessed of a degree of wisdom that guides his hand, and he understands that though he may be apart from the normie, he is also part of a hierarchy which he will negotiate as his skills, knowledge and capacity for contribution increase.

So this is what I mean by our submerged natural aristocracy, and it is why European Americans United is organized with aristocratic ranks. Ultimately, it is the goal of Frank and I to promote people through those ranks, based on demonstrable merit, so that we can be replaced in this multigenerational project for the ascension of our People.

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