The negative externalities of Liberalism, Multiracialism and Feminism are not acknowledged and there are no attempts at mitigation


Liberalism, Multiculturalism and Feminism are man made impositions on natural human society that create unacknowledged negative externalities.

Nuclear power plants, oil extraction, mining, commercial fishing, factory production, internal combustion engines and industrial agriculture all create negative externalities that are acknowledged, studied, and attempts are made to mitigate these negative externalities. For example, after we change oil in our car, we bring in the waste oil to be recycled rather than dumping it on the ground like we used to do.

Industrial processes and motorized transportation are recognized as a net benefit despite the negative externalities of pollution and accidents.

It has been decided that Liberalism, Multiracialism and Feminism are a net positive for society, but there is no recognition or acknowledgement of negative externalities. We are still in the “dumping oil on the ground” phase of social transformation.

For the most part, our ideas are not given any consideration by the mainstream media or academia. And yet it moves, to quote Galileo Galilei. The negative externalities are with us as plain as day.

The most obvious and tragic negative externality is the phenomenon of children growing up without fathers. In natural human society, a woman who gets pregnant is financially dependent on the man who impregnated her. Liberalism and Feminism created a system where women can create a family without the presence of a father. This has resulted in Idiocracy becoming true about 500 years ahead of schedule. We didn’t have to wait for relentless iterations of generations reverting to a lower and lower mean. The single mother household brought on Idiocracy like a hurricane.

Idiocracy is not in some dystopian, nightmarish future. The nightmare is here now – just ask any military recruiter.

The US special forces has the smallest pool of eligible recruits that it has ever had.

Ergo, liberalism, feminism and single mom households are a threat to national security.

This only scratches the surface of the negative externalities of Liberalism Multiracialism and Feminism.

If you are reading this and you have any mass media or academic platform, please use your platform to talk about mitigation strategies for liberalism.

The conceit is that liberalism is an absolutely unalloyed public good with no negative externalities whatsoever. Or, if there are negative externalities, they are minor and insignificant and if you mention them, you are a moral reprobate . Or, if the negative externalities are serious and harmful, we deserve it and we should lay back and think of England.

Jesting aside, we should use mainstream platforms to talk about liberalism as something we (pretend to) accept that comes with undeniable negative externalities that need mitigating.

Or perhaps instead of reforming ourselves in time, we’ll simply lose the next war, or our national debt will finally catch up with us, and these negative externalities will take care of themselves.