Praise the Lord and Nominate That Mother

Amy Coney Barret and one of "her children."

She may become a very anti-White vote on issues involving so-called social justice issues, forced integration, putting “projects” in the suburbs, slavery reparations, castrating the Second Amendment, and the like.

by H. Millard

HAVE YOU noticed that never-Trumpers Mitt Romney and Mike Lee suddenly support President Trump as he seems to be leaning toward naming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court? Wonder why? Are they suddenly Trump fans? Nope. Not likely. Instead, it might be because they believe that Barrett is really a closet lefty, like them, and in her case hides her true beliefs behind a fig leaf of “conservative” bona fides based on little more than her Catholic-upbringing position that abortion is bad.

But more than possibly being a closet lefty, Ms. Barrett may suffer from a Great White Mother complex. This is a term I coined years ago to describe White women who do things such as going out of their way to serve non-Whites and preferring non-Whites’ interests over the interests of Whites. Great White Mother types in some cases adopt Black children instead of White children. Ms. Barrett has done exactly this. Why didn’t she adopt a couple of the many White children right here in the US who need adoption? Why did she go out of her way to adopt two Black children from Haiti?

In my definition of the Great White Mother (also Great White Father) complex, I see a usually subconscious feeling of superiority on the part of the GWM or GWF that makes them believe that they are “saviors” of non-Whites — and also makes them believe that since Whites (even White orphan children) are superior, they don’t need help.

In their minds’ eyes the GWMs and GWFs are something like the character Lord Jim who is carried on the shoulders of the “inferior” non-Whites who praise him as saintly but suffering for racial justice. Yes, GWMs and GWFs are super-superior human beings who try to protect non-Whites from the evil “White racists” who consist, in their minds, of almost the entire White population — except the GWMs and GWFs, of course. (Trivia alert: I appeared in the off-off Broadway stage version of Lord Jim when I was acting in New York City years ago.)

So, if I’m right, what happens if Barrett becomes a Supreme Court Justice? Well, she may become a very anti-White vote on issues involving so-called social justice issues, forced integration, putting “projects” in the suburbs, slavery reparations, castrating the Second Amendment, and the like.

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Barrett and the “People of Praise”

H/T to and National Vanguard correspondents

AMY Coney Barrett emerges now as a front runner after she was shortlisted for the nomination in 2018, which eventually went to Brett Kavanaugh. Trump called the federal appellate court judge ‘very highly respected’ when questioned about her Saturday. Born in New Orleans in 1972, she was the first and only woman to occupy an Indiana seat on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

With five biological and two Haitian adopted children, friends say she is a devoted mother. Her youngest biological child has Down Syndrome.

In 2017, her affiliation to the small, tightly knit “charismatic Catholic” group called People of Praise caused concern while she was a nominee for a seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Members of the group swear a lifelong oath of loyalty, called a covenant, to one another. They are also assigned and held accountable to a personal adviser, known until recently as a ‘head’ for men and a ‘handmaid’ for women. People of Praise describes itself not as a church, but as a “charismatic Christian community” on its Web site. The group has about 1,700 members in 22 cities across the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, they say.

Little-mentioned in media reports is the fact that (like many Christian groups) a main focus of “doing good,” according to People of Praise, is giving “love,” time, and resources to non-Whites.

Members are encouraged to confess personal sins, financial information and other sensitive disclosures to these advisors and advisors are allowed to report these admissions to group leadership if necessary, according to an account of one former member. Members are expected to donate at least 5 per cent. of their earnings to the group. Unmarried members of the group are placed living with married member couples. Members often look to buy or rent homes near other members.

They believe in “Bible prophecy,” “speaking in tongues,” and “divine healings” — and, as H. Millard has pointed out, they also have a ineradicable itch to prove how “good” and “superior” and “anti-racist” they are by giving attention and “help” to non-Whites.

At least 10 members of Barrett’s family, not including their children, also belong to the group. Barrett’s father, Mike Coney, serves on the People of Praise’s 11-member board of governors. Her mother Linda was also a ‘handmaiden,’ now called a Woman Leader.

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