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What Hath White Liberals Wrought?

Unless and until the main stream media of news and entertainment is wrenched from their vile claws, nothing–and I mean NOTHING–is going to change.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts served as under-Secretary of the Treasury for President Ronald Reagan. After leaving government he held the William E. Simon chair in economics for ten years and served on several corporate boards. A former associate editor at The Wall Street Journal, his articles have also appeared in The New York Times and Harper’s. He is the author of more than a dozen books and a number of peer-reviewed papers.
A black walked up to a police car in which two Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs were sitting and shot both multiple times.  Both officers are in intensive care fighting for their lives.  Black Lives Matter, called “protesters” by the presstitute media, blocked entries and exists to the hospital chanting “we hope they die.” 

A black female onboard an airliner refused to cooperate with a white female flight attendant, telling the white female that her “white privilege was over” and “you don’t run America no more,” and that she “slaps the shit out of white bitches” that disrespect her.  So to a black, cooperating with a flight attendant would be submitting to “white privilege.”  Nothing happend to the privileged black.  If she had been white, she would have been removed from the flight. 

Mass shooting by Black Lives Matter foiled by Police.  A black male armed with 9 weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition targeted white customers in a Bass Pro Shop but was foiled. 

Black male throws 5-year old white boy off second story atrium at shopping center.  You have to read about this in the British press as the American presstitutes hide all evidence of black violence against white Americans. 

Black male shoots 5-year old white boy in the head as he rides his bike in his own front yard. Again, you have to read about it in the British press. 

All white people are racist demons, says the racial sensitive black racial sensitivity trainer: 

Yet another brutal assault by “peaceful” BLM protsters:   
Again, you have to learn about it from foreign media. 

The barbarians the white liberals have unleashed on us:  
No arrests.  

Peaceful Protests Come to Sweden: 

The list is endless, but Americans never hear about it from the presstitutes.  All you hear from the lying scum that constitutes the American media is anti-white, anti-Trump propaganda and endless lies. If Americans had any self-respect, lamp posts would be decorated with presstitutes.

No institution has ever failed so totally and completely as the American media.  Americans have no greater enemy than CNN, MSNBC, NPR, New York Times, Washington Post, and the rest of the presstitutes.
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