The Structural Failure of the Modern Right Wing

by Landon Mondragon

Modern Right Wing political movements have suffered incredible failures due to disorganization, lack of effective leadership and infighting. I believe these are all things that can be overcome.

To understand the organizational structure of a political movement I have broken them down into four distinct elements that must all work together within their respective areas of influence.

  1. Leaders
  2. Intellectuals
  3. Activists/Revolutionaries
  4. Masses

Leaders have a tremendously important role in political movements. Their job is to inspire their followers and give them proper direction. Modern leaders could be YouTubers, podcasters, public speakers, community organizers or politicians. Ultimately, bad leaders are weeded out until there is only one. This is necessary in order to have a singular unified direction for the political movement. The other leaders can still play a role. For instance there might be a single omnipotent political leader, but he may have several capable military leaders or propagandists under him that help him to accomplish his goals within their respective areas of influence.

It is of the utmost importance that these leaders stay in their lane. An effective leader keeps his message simple and easy for all those below him to understand. If crowd psychology has taught us anything, it is that complex intellectual monologues only serve to confuse and irritate the masses. The European mind has a tendency to pick apart every little detail of an intellectual argument, which only causes division and confusion within a political movement. Leaders need to inspire through emotion and political pride. They need to be capable orators who can evoke passion and command respect. Leaders must be larger than life figures who appear to have superhuman gifts. A leader must be a capable diplomat and strong in the defense of his nation’s interests. Projecting power and influence is a must for any leader, weakness can never be shown and he must prove his efficacy as a leader by consistently yielding positive results to his followers. An ideal leader is one who brings out the positive leadership traits within his followers so that they can lead in their specific area of expertise. No one man can do everything, and it is up to a leader to delegate tasks to his most capable followers.

It is not the job of a leader to meddle in minute details of which he is not the subject matter expert. A good example of this was Hitler’s constant meddling in the affairs of his generals. Hitler was an incredible leader and was a competent soldier, but he was not a highly capable military general and strategist. One of many cases of Hitler’s meddling was during the Battle of Normandy. His general Erwin Rommel wanted to keep the Panzer divisions close to the front so that enemy armor could be quickly eliminated, thus preventing the Allied infantry from gaining a foothold on key logistical objectives. Hitler was concerned that the Allied naval bombardments would destroy the Panzers and render them ineffective. Against the warnings of nearly all his generals, he made the executive decision to move the Panzers 30 miles behind the beach defenses to keep the safe from  naval bombardments. The Allies were already way behind schedule on their landing due to bad weather so the naval bombardments had to be cut short and proved to have little effect on beach defenses and troop positions anyway. Once the Allied forces broke through the initial beach defenses, the Panzer divisions were too far away to mount a crushing counterattack. The Allies established a beachhead and the Battle of Normandy was lost.

Hitler should have let his generals do their job. Hitler’s job was to lead, not meddle. This, and many other blunders, cost the German war effort on the Western Front dearly. As a leader, you hire people who know more than you in certain fields to give you the best advice on what decisions should be made. A leader must know when to take this advice and when to make a risky executive decision. Power and paranoia can wreak havoc on the psyche of a leader and cloud his judgement. His advisors, generals and propagandists are there to ease the burden of leadership so that the leader can focus on what he does best.

Intellectuals also have a critical role to play in the structure of a political organization. An intellectual could be a policy maker, a philosopher, a military leader, or even a modern YouTube influencer. These figures create a solid foundation upon which a political movement can be built. They are intelligent, creative, detail-oriented and strategic. These traits are a must for “idea men” their minds can create brilliant solutions to complex problems. No political movement can survive without them.

In the Internet Era we have a unique opportunity for intellectuals to share their ideas and come up with solutions to the problems we face. We have seen many great ideas come out of YouTube, podcasts, blogs, books and social media and many of these great minds have made quite a name for themselves. Unfortunately, these intellectuals tend to lack the social graces or leadership skills to bring any of these ideas to life. Many are so detail-oriented that they end up missing the forest for the trees. Their in-depth knowledge of various topics will often stifle their ability to take action or be in any way relatable to the common man. High IQ people often make the mistake of thinking everyone is capable of being logical, and this has been proven time and time again to be false. Intellectuals must understand the limitations of the masses who they must convince in order to make their lofty visions a reality. Learning how to communicate effectively to one’s audience/colleagues is a skill that must be developed in order to be an effective intellectual.

It is also important to note that the intellectual’s ideal vision for the future may need to be compromised given the realities of man. “Letting perfect become the enemy of good” is a common mistake made by intellectuals as their commitment to truth and reason above all else often blinds them to the pragmatic side of political action. No solution will be perfect, but a solution is better than none. Intellectual territorialization and other forms of petty arrogance have led to infighting and have prevented the Right from gaining any momentum politically. Intellectuals, of all people, should have the wisdom to understand the importance of tactfulness, nuance, strategy and pragmatism in political activism.

A common mistake made by intellectuals is the dreaded “disavowal”. Disavowing one’s own supporters because of “bad optics” or “cucking” has fragmented the movement time and time again. Not everyone who supports you is going to have the same views on every single issue, and that is okay, so long as coalitions can be established that allow us to reach a critical mass capable of seizing political power. Once this is achieved, these problems can be resolved at a policy level, or if nothing else, are a battle for another day. We have consistently chosen to stand and die on every single hill, and because of this, have never survived long enough to fight those smaller, less important fights when the time is right and the odds are in our favor. Everything has to be a dramafest, everything is a catfight, all over the smallest of details. The Right Wing has done a better job of destroying itself than the Left could have ever dreamed. This has to end and it is the responsibility of the intellectuals to be smart enough to ensure our survival as a political movement.

Third on our list is the political activist. An activist could be a social media propagandist, a radical revolutionary, a warrior, a street-brawler, a banner-dropper or a rally-goer. Activists are the foot soldiers of a political movement, without them, no agenda can be accomplished; no idea gains traction and no one would be safe from the enemies of our people.

Activists are, by their very nature, radical political personalities. They are upset over the injustices of the world and want to work to change them. They are the vanguard of our people, they are hardliners who are willing to fight to the death for what they believe in.

A good example of dedicated activists is the Alt-Right during the 2016 Trump campaign. They made the memes, they defended Trump supporters from Antifa, they were on the front lines of the political battle, their bravery inspired the frightened masses to say “It’s OK to be White”. They were the radical fringe that took the heat off normies, so that normal non-radicals could express how they feel about what it is like to be a straight White person in a corrupt, degenerate world. Trump has since disavowed the rhetoric and beliefs of these types of people, the very people who sacrificed everything to get him elected. Since then, many of these activists have become disillusioned with politics and feel that there is no solution save for the bittersweet collapse of the degenerate modern world. While they are absolutely justified in feeling this way, this is leading to a situation where radicals can be thrown under the bus and demonized as “lone wolves”. No one was willing to defend the activists who so courageously defended the leaders, intellectuals and masses of the Right Wing political movement. They have become a convenient scapegoat for intellectuals and normies alike. Intellectuals say they have “bad optics” and the masses or normies call them “racists” and “Nazis”. The Right Wing activist has been totally betrayed and has largely abandoned any hope of a political solution.

The fact of the matter is, everything is political. Politics is simply a manifestation of group self-interest.  So while I do not see a solution in “voting” (at least within the confines of our current system), that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be forming a political coalition to retake White nations from our enemies, by hook or by crook.

Our activists need to have the wisdom to understand that no leader is going to be infallible, no intellectual is going to have all the solutions, and the masses are largely just ignorant cowards who aren’t willing to get their hands dirty. That said, it is the job of the activist to awaken the masses and offer them protection, to spread the message of the intellectuals and provide them with security at their events, and to be the enforcement arm of the leader. It is a difficult job, and thankless at times, but such is the life of a political radical.

The final component of a political movement is the masses. I don’t say “masses” condescendingly, they are in many ways the most important part. They are the ones that all three other political types have to convince to accept their agenda.

The masses are the working class, the construction worker, the doctor, the retail salesman. They might be stay-at-home mothers, retired elderly people or children. They are just normal folks, and that doesn’t mean they are bad people, they’re just regular people. They don’t care about politics, and if they do, they are too busy with life to care about the gravity of the political situation. They are simple folks, and that’s okay! Not everyone needs to be a radical revolutionary, to be honest; it’s probably better that way!

The masses have never been particularly politically bold. They are just looking after themselves and their families. They don’t always understand the complexities. Many of them are good people, hard workers, mothers, fathers, husbands and wives. Many of them are brilliant in their own way, they just aren’t political. Or, if they are political, they feel intimidated into silence and conformity by the Cultural Marxists. We might call that cowardice, and perhaps it is, but if you are living paycheck to paycheck and you aren’t very politically informed anyway, why risk your family’s future by stepping out of line, getting doxed and blacklisted from employment?

It is the job of the three aforementioned political groups to fight for the freedom of the White masses. They will never join us until they feel that we are going to win. We need to win so that we can secure a future for them and their children. As frustrating and thankless as this is, we need to preserve these good White genes, and we need a pro-White supermajority, if not in America or Europe, than in a smaller ethno-balk-state within these areas. We must have cultural homogeneity, a nation by and for Whites. A place where White normies are free to say how they really feel, and aren’t intimidated by parasitic elites and degenerate Marxists into signing on to their own genocide. We are the heroes the masses never wanted, but we are the heroes they so desperately need. The masses will always go with the flow, we must seize power and make them bend to our will, for their own good!

So many of the problems we face are the result of the masses being raised in a toxic environment, by toxic parents, poisoned by parasitic elites and brainwashed with degenerate propaganda. If we are to heal our people, we must create the cultural preconditions for psychological health. This boosts our national immunity to further foreign infiltration and boosts the immunity of the individual against the individual weaknesses that make someone find Marxism attractive in the first place. Marxism, Egalitarianism, Liberalism, Multiculturalism and Materialism are all forms of parasitic “Cultural Judaism”. They are Trojan horses designed to weaken the immune system of a people.

We can never be rid of this pestilence unless we retake our lands from the hordes of rabid orcs and their psychotic controllers. The only way to do this is to form a movement that combines these four political components together effectively. Whether that takes the form of Germany in 1933, America in 1776 or even a post-apocalyptic insurgency like the Taliban today, all four of those elements must have a symbiotic relationship with one another, and work together, with each component playing its particular part for our movement to function like a well-oiled machine.

If we wish to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, we must each understand and activate our individual strengths and play our position within this larger political macrocosm. Then, and only then, will we develop racial unity and regain the power that built civilization and made the White Race the greatest race in the world!

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