Although much is made of hate as a motivator for violence, with normal people the reaction is typically one of avoidance. And to be quite frank, the term hate is seldom truly applicable in the sense it is intended. The emotional reaction that is most often truly felt is one of disgust or aversion – leading properly to avoidance. The type of hate where one broods and obsesses over the destruction of some other person or group is difficult to maintain for very long unless it is constantly agitated.

And the three things which will agitate such hate most reliably are fear, victim-hood, and envy.

Sometimes, fear is a rational response to a very real threat to life and limb. And if someone experiences such fear regularly, he will come to seek the destruction of its source. He will hate. But fear can also be experienced over things that are purely figments of the imagination, in response to misinformation, or even mental illness. Even if based upon misinformation, the hate generated is very real.  And when it is continuously agitated, it can lead to violence.

A great example of the power of misinformation combined with victimhood was the Black Lives Matter activist, Micah Xavier Johnson, who murdered five police officers, injured another seven plus shot two civilians. Motivated by exaggerated accounts of police “targeting” black men for summary execution, his fear of cops – and white people generally – inspired a murder spree against those he feared.

And this was not a mistake.

Numerous unbiased statistical analysis show that a white man who comes into contact with police under violent circumstances is far more likely than a black man to be killed. The difference is just that blacks commit more violent crime than whites by many factors, and thus come into contact with police under such circumstances far more frequently. A reasonable man can look at the facts and see that black men are not at all being targeted by cops. Nor are they targeted by white people generally. On a per-capita basis, a white man is less than 1/10th as likely to kill a black man than vice-versa.

But truth is obviously not the objective of exaggerated misinformation. The entire purpose of the sorts of narratives circulated by Black Lives Matter and the far left is specifically to cause fear, to make people feel like victims … and to inspire hatred and [i]action[/i] based upon these falsely created emotions.

Looking back again at the difference in inter-racial murder rates is instructive.

According to the Color of Crime report (2016 edition) a black man is a staggering 27 times more likely to attack a white person than to be attacked by one. Of all the interracial violence committed between blacks and whites, blacks are the perpetrators 85% of the time. Looking at it another way, when white criminals target a victim, that victim is black 3.6% of the time. But when black criminals target a victim, that victim is white 38.6% of the time. This is not something you’ll likely hear in the controlled media, because it contradicts their agenda. But their failure to report this puts our People at risk.

Every year in the United States, over 560,000 white people are violently victimized by black criminals, and another 490,000 are victimized by Hispanic criminals. Together, that’s over a million of our people [i]every year[/i]. Every year about 900 of those white victims are murdered. If you add that up year after year, decade after decade, the number of times white people are ethnically targeted meet the United Nations’ definition of a war.

That’s pretty profound and quite frankly, it should be frightening. And with the Internet available, it is becoming harder and harder to hide something so big. The fact that the media doesn’t report it allows many of our people to keep their heads in the sand, but increasingly, everyone knows someone who has been a victim. As this becomes increasingly personal, what the media has to say becomes less relevant.

For decades now, both within the United States and outside the country with the help of NGOs, non-whites have been taught that every problem in their lives is caused by white people — white people who OWE them something for their trouble. They are taught that white people are all busily living the good life, on the backs of the broken dreams of non-whites. While nothing could be further from the truth, the average IQ of the people taught this nonsense is about 85, and the teaching comes from authority figures as well. So they are unlikely to question it. Even with a much higher IQ, they would be unlikely to question such a narrative because it removes responsibility for their lives from their own choices, and places that responsibility on a scapegoat.

And this goes to further combine the elements of fear, victimhood and envy into a toxic hatred that can justify unprovoked violence.

So be cognizant of the fact you are hated. Not by all black or mestizo people, but by enough for it to be a problem. No, not merely a problem. Let’s be frank: when a million of our people every year are being victimized by violence and nearly a thousand are dying — it’s a war. An unacknowledged war.