Hey Mr. Normie Conservative: You’re Next


by John Young

If you believed we were a “nation of laws not of men” and that there is impartial justice in this country — and if you believed that, you haven’t been paying attention — the impeachment vote last night should clear that notion from your mind.

Justice, by definition, is not partisan. It is impartial. It looks at objective laws, it looks at objective facts, and makes an evaluation based on these alone. By definition, justice does not care who you are, what you believe or what you say. It looks strictly at what you have done, whether it has violated the law, and if the law potentially violated is, in itself, just.

But the impeachment vote last night was strictly along political party lines, which makes it very clear that laws, facts, and evaluation had absolutely nothing to do with it.

This is not about Trump as President or whether he should be supported or not. It is not about Trump’s style, or his politics. It is about making sure you understand that justice is dead in this country, and as such, the government whose seat is in Washington, DC is no longer legitimate. It is only when you understand that justice is dead that you can start looking more realistically at the task we face, and the conditions under which we will be trying to achieve it.

My whole point here is this: If injustice prevails to such a degree that something so important as an impeachment vote is 100% partisan, then there is no justice in this country.

Those on the true right already knew this. We knew this decades ago when an innocent girl was charged with terrorism because she possessed both roofing nails and a lawnmower, but her real “crime” was collecting clothing to give to white babies. We knew this decades ago when an activist’s past misdemeanor conviction was re-interpreted to be a felony for the purposes of prosecuting him under federal gun laws for possessing a .22 rifle. But his real “crime” was being pro-white. We knew this decades ago when a local ordinance that had never been enforced before was dusted off to prosecute a man whose real “crime” was reading European fairy tales for kids.

Most certainly, the past couple of years since Trump’s election should have made this clear already to any but the most dense. This time frame has demonstrated that any and every platform on the Internet can and will censor content, even common sense content opposing “Drag Queen Story Hour” insanity. It has demonstrated that on the basis of your political views alone, banks are 100% allowed to deny you a bank account, credit card processors are allowed to shut you down, landlords are allowed to evict you (and if they don’t, their mortgage will be called in), employers are allowed (and encouraged) to fire you, and on and on and on.

Maybe, as a normie conservative, you think you are safe from this, and that the only people subjected to this treatment are “evil racists” and “Nazis.”

Do yourself a favor and quit lying to yourself. You probably won’t, but at least I can say I warned you.
President Trump is an ardent Zionist with a Jewish daughter. The President of Israel has literally slept in his son-in-law’s home. He has practically stood on his head in support of every dollar of funding the Israel lobby requests. Is that a Nazi? He has literally received awards for his anti-racism and the accolades of black activists for decades. Is that a racist?

Yet he is CALLED “literally a Nazi” on the pages of major newspapers of record, and he is CALLED a “racist” far and wide. And in the Congress of the United States, the House of Representatives voted to impeach him for something that he didn’t do, and would not have been a crime even if he had.

All of your back-pedaling and prefacing everything you say with “I’m not a racist” or your proud displays of your daughters dating non-white men means absolutely NOTHING.

President Trump is not some right wing extremist. In practice, actually, he has been less effective than Barack Obama in controlling immigration. Yet they have pulled off the gloves for him.

And it’s not just him. All across America, ordinary people who think just like you have had social media accounts suspended or demonetized, been discriminated against for employment opportunities and more. People standing in line to get into Trump rallies have been openly physically assaulted, and their assailants never charged.

You can take all of the people you’d consider to be true “racists” in this country, and they’d hold their annual meetings in a relative phone booth. (For those who don’t remember phone booths, they measure about one meter square.) The Leftist agenda will not benefit by eliminating them. But there are a LOT of people like YOU.

Maybe it’s time for you to do some deeper thinking, and realize the truth is more important than present social status, when your future social status will depend entirely on your complete and utter obedience to a globalist-leftist black hole of entropy. Are you just going to collapse in a quivering mound of shapeless jelly when the time comes and capitulate to any and every demand? Are you going to get on your knees and publicly perform fellatio just to prove you aren’t a homophobe? Or are you going to straighten out your thinking, and realize that you should be with US, and that, as our forefathers presciently noted, we should hang together so we don’t hang separately?

The whole “racist/Nazi” thing is not really about eliminating people that you, personally, claim to find repugnant. It’s just the proverbial “camel’s nose under the tent.” It is about establishing that it is okay for someone to be made homeless and jobless, with no prospects for survival and even jailed or killed … purely on the basis of the opinions they hold. Once the principle is accepted that it is okay to persecute for political opinions, it becomes just a matter of which opinions to persecute.

Once that principle is established, the definition of exactly who is a “racist” or a “Nazi” gets expanded. Keep in mind that it has already been expanded far enough to encompass a man with a Jewish daughter, you can be damned sure it will be expanded enough to encompass YOU.

Don’t be shocked if, in the future, employers pull the publicly available voter registration lists and simply refuse to hire anyone registered as Republican, or who has donated to a pro-Life organization. I wonder what will happen if the NRA membership list gets exposed?

When you stood aside and pointed the finger at someone to the right of you and loudly proclaimed “I am not a racist, HE is! Take HIM!” … three of your fingers were pointing back at you. And YOU are next. Who will defend you?