Patrick Little: A Chance to Engage the System

by John Young

Sometimes the world drops a pearl right into your lap, and the upcoming Senate election in California is one of those times. The primary for this election is June 5, 2018.

Of important note, the incumbent Democrat Senator in the race is Diane Feinstein. Diane Feinstein has an atrocious record in practically every respect. Whether it is banning effective means of self-defense, throwing open our borders to mass rapists and murderers, or providing a border for Israel while denying a border to us, she is a textbook case of what it means for a sitting Senator to literally be a “dual citizen.”

But if it were only her, this race wouldn’t be terribly interesting. Hasn’t she been abridging our freedom without surcease since the Middle Ages? The factor that makes this race interesting, and has the potential to make it so spicy it is important to bring to your attention, is Patrick Little, an engineer and explicitly pro-white candidate running in the Republican primary.

For the June 5th primary, if you are reading this and you can vote in California, you need to drop everything and go vote for Patrick Little in the Republican Primary.

Because of the nature of how the primaries work in California, Patrick Little only needs to get 200,000 votes in the primary. Only 200,000. And if he gets those, not only will he be in the primary … but he will have an opportunity to appear in debate with Diane Feinstein on live television.

Read the foregoing paragraph one more time and let the enormity of this opportunity sink in.

If you have friends in CA, tell them about this article. Then, go to Little’s website at and see what you can do to help.

June 5th presents us with an astonishing opportunity to work within the system to change the system, and to put a highly intelligent man in a position to call out lies and conflicts of interest in a forum where he cannot be censored.

Why knows? Maybe he will become Senator!

You can find Patrick Little’s complete platform here.