Thoughts on the State of the Right

by James Lawrence

EAU has long followed the strategic ideas expressed in this piece, perhaps explaining why we you’ll never see us on CNN: “…the media and certain Jewish organizations exert a great deal of control over the selection of leaders in the radical Right, by hyping up anyone who confirms their stereotypes as a serious threat and channeling credibility in his direction.”

There’s no sense in mincing words anymore: the Alt-Right has hit a wall, and is faced with the hard task of pulling back and searching for a new course. The enemy media are (prematurely) claiming victory. Many progressives are hastening to vindicate the ‘antifa’ domestic terrorist movement, discarding the pretence that liberal misgivings about organised political violence hinge on anything more than crass utilitarianism.

My purpose here is to offer some thoughts on what has happened and how our side can hope to recover its ground. I do not wish to exaggerate the present difficulties, nor blame people in the Alt-Right for suffering a form of outsourced government repression. However, repression by those in power is a constant for us; what has changed is the effectiveness of this repression, which used to meet with a fluid, agile and durable target, and now increasingly enjoys a sluggish, clumsy and brittle one. One major reason for this is that prominent figures in the Alt-Right, protected by a widespread culture of hooting down internal dissent, took strategic and aesthetic decisions that have ended up transforming an antifragile movement into a destructible one.

Where the Alt-Right was once decentralised, it now seeks unification (and is, of course, more divided than ever). Where it once contained a constellation of anti-progressive elements, it is now reduced to an isolated ethno-nationalist core spitting fire at everything else around it. Where it once employed intellectual quality and transgressive trolling to equally great effect, these polar opposites have lately been merged into a dull and stagnant rehash of Rockwellian neo-Nazism.

As many of these changes were made precisely so that certain individuals could enjoy leadership, it would be perverse to deny them a corresponding responsibility for the results. That said, I am not accusing anyone of deliberate sabotage. Those who employed these methods almost certainly believed that they would work. This is why a true analysis of the present state of affairs must look beyond mere personalities and decisions, and identify the deeper fault lines in the ideological fundament of our movement.

Your Brain On Liberalism

To understand why the Alt-Right is failing, we can start by asking a simple question: how do most people in it envisage the movement succeeding? I would anticipate receiving three basic answers: 1) a mass white awakening provoked by anti-white depradations; 2) the rise of a reactionary post-Millennial youth wave; and 3) a collapse of modern Western civilisation that will destroy the ruling power structure.

None of these scenarios correspond to reality. Anti-white depradations that would have seemed unimaginable a few decades ago have not induced ordinary people in the West to rise up. ‘Generation Zyklon’ might be fairly conservative, but let’s not forget how little social power they have, or how many cradles in the West have already been filled by the imported neo-proletariat loyal to the Left. And a civilisational collapse, even assuming that it would happen, would likely favour those who already possess disproportionate resources and entrenched power structures. The big winners of the Western Roman collapse were the barbarian invaders, the Christian Church, and (sometimes) the late Roman landholding elites who got to merge with the invaders; all that the bagaudae received was merciless suppression by old and new elites alike.

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