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Mexican Foreign Minister To Racist Americans – Erase Your Border, No Walls Of Racism, Accept The Invasion

In 100 years Africa will still be African, China will still Chinese, and Mexico will still be Mexican. But the United States will no longer be White, and somehow that’s a glorious goal to be achieved. That is, unless YOU plan on doing something about it.

America isn’t quite a Spanish-speaking country yet, so the struggling Mexican Foreign Minister might want to go back for some of those remedial English classes if she intends to continue delivering her propaganda personally in the future.

Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu said in a Monday speech, “We need to embrace immigration as an opportunity, we have to change our mindset and adapt to current needs that are anything but static.” Illegal immigration is definitely an opportunity for the invaders to steal a piece of the American dream and one in which the Mexican government is aggressively working to change the American mindset to one in which we accept that it is our responsibility to allow ourselves to be invaded. That’s what good, obedient and enlightened “global citizens” do. It’s so intolerant to defend one’s sovereignty and not very sensitive to the feelings of the invaders.

This mestiza believes the US has still not done enough for her parasitic minions.

“Today it is even more critical, “she says, “To unmask the stereotypes of international migrants [border crashing illegal alien squatters] and design a solution tailored to each context, prioritizing the well-being of each person who migrates and making sure their fundamental rights are fully respected. Mexico is embracing this redrawn landscape as a country of origin, destination, return and transit of migrants; we have been forced to come up with a wide, deep and innovative tool box of migration policies.”

What a load of crap that is. She didn’t write that speech, she can barely say the words, but whoever did write it was announcing a claim of the right to invade, squatters’ rights if you will, based solely upon the sniveling failure of the American government to stand up for its citizens.

She claims the top priority is the “rights” of the invaders and their wellbeing and then asserts that Mexico is redrawing the landscape according to their innovative tool box of policies? Would they like to use the eraser in their tool box to eliminate our border and the pencil to redraw and extend the Mexico boundary north to Canada and beyond? Yes they would and yes they are working on it.

She continues, “We’re betting on the future, through innovation, working closely to bring down, rather than to build, the wall of racism and fear, exclusion and externism [sic] that has become so dangerously fertile and appealing in many contexts.”

Not that her sentence made any sense, but just what type of innovation is she talking about, new stealth innovations for crossing the Rio Grande? Creative human trafficking that fashions an illegal into a car seat or perhaps devising new ways of making cocaine look like part of a car fender?

As a nation composed of individuals of every race and background, how is it possible that the United States is racist when, aside from not allowing white people to immigrate, we are at record high levels of immigration across all methods of entrance. Was she talking about the discrimination against the Irish? Mexicans receive work visas all the time, and nobody, with the exception of DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson, violates our immigration policies with the impunity that the Mexicans do. She can’t credibly claim racism and if she did, so what? We have the right to defend our borders from all races. Her claims are irrelevant. Mexico is the biggest offender; recognizing that reality, we should be putting extra resources towards stopping her despicable, disrespectful, lowlife countrymen.

How does her racist, anti-American, anti-Central American country defend its own sovereignty? Do they not restrict access to all races, with the exception of those able to pay the proper amount to bribe the crooked Mexican politicians? Is bribery their colorblind answer for claims of their own racism?

Undoubtedly her audience of liberals at the Migration Policy Institute are dishonest enough to swallow the mountains of the crap that she’s laying out and ask for another helping, but their corruption in no way legitimizes her false claims .

She struggles horribly at the end trying to say something about what she hungers for being leadership, courageous leadership to face the challenges of conquering America and achieving their goals. She says it’s their responsibility to change the narrative of immigration, from the fact of one hostile nation invading another to the bull crap argument of “immigrant contributions.”

Keep it to yourself, lady. We didn’t ask for your contributions, we don’t want them and don’t want you or your fellow squatters in our country. Take your sorry, broken-English speaking self back across the border and stay there. Take your unwelcome, criminal trespassing, invading countrymen with you.

We’re not invading you, you don’t invade us. We’re not lecturing you; feel free to shut the hell up.

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