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Anti-White Mestizo Agitator Ramos Describes “Trumpland:” And It sounds Wonderful

This pos booster for the Hispanicization of North America doesn’t realize he’s describing a vivid monocultural paradise of a truly White America, a view that is shared by people of different races of their respective nations–even Mexico. Of course, when historically White nations express these views it is considered a prelude to even more holocausts, or something just as thick-witted.

by Allan Wall, V-Dare

Jorge Ramos is a Mexican Agenda Journalist who took American citizenship to aid his agitation for open borders, and who looks with horror on what could result from a Trump triumph.

Ramos shares his feelings with readers in his opinion piece Welcome to Trumpland [Fusion, August 26, 2015]. Frankly, the way Ramos describes Trumpland makes it sound much preferable to today’s Open Borders Land.

From Jorge’s Welcome to Trumpland:

Let’s imagine for a moment the kind of country that Donald Trump, the leading Republican presidential hopeful, wants America to become if he’s elected.

“Trumpland” would feature a 1,954-mile-long wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, to be constructed after the deportation of more than 11 million undocumented immigrants. Of course, Trump would ensure that the U.S.-born children of these immigrants lose their right to American citizenship, so they’d be deported as well. As Trump sees it, with the border wall up and the immigrants out, the U.S. could be a great nation again.

Ramos thinks this is horrible, but most of us think it would be great.

Obviously, Trump believes that immigrants from Latin America are to blame for many of the country’s woes, and he’s trying to sell voters on his utopian vision. But the truth is that Trump’s vision is nonsense, better suited as the plot of a creepy sci-fi movie than as a political platform. Undocumented immigrants are not responsible for the country’s major problems. Moreover, the massive deportations that Trump proposes would be impossible to achieve. Just consider the logistics.

But if Ramos thinks “massive deportations” are “impossible to achieve”, then why is he worried about them? Why is Ramos pulling out all the stops to oppose Trump at every turn? Could it be Jorge is really worried that they are possible?

For Trumpland to be free of undocumented immigrants, terror would necessarily reign. Imagine authorities across the country, raiding homes, workplaces and schools, violating the human rights of millions of men, women and children. President Trump would have to send soldiers, police officers and every agent from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to round up immigrants. After these brutal raids, the undocumented would need to be held in stadiums or other giant facilities while they wait to be put on buses or planes back to their countries of origin.

This is ridiculous propaganda. It is not necessary for the government to detain and deport every single illegal. If the government began enforcing the law (as it doesn’t do now), if it cut off magnets for illegal immigration, punished their employers, got control of the border and abolished the anchor baby loophole, then illegal aliens would understand that the jig is up, and many would self-deport. Read about Eisenhower (the last U.S. president to care about the border) did in the 1950s.

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