An Easter Message From the National Youth Front

With Video. A timely message, whether its Easter or not.

by Angelo John Gage

If you have ever wondered what eggs and bunnies have to do with Jesus Christ, the answer is nothing. The Church incorporated Pagan symbolism, (the eggs and bunnies are a sign of fertility of the Pagan goddess Eostre – who is called other names by other pagan tribes) and added them to today’s festivities. In other words, this was the Church’s way to unite the tribes of Europe, by incorporating their symbols (another examples are the Xmas tree and mistletoe, both Pagan, and have nothing to do with Jesus since he wasn’t’ born in a forest). This worked very well, but sadly, there were times incorporation was done by the sword. Some may disagree with it, some hate these facts, but we must all realize that there is nothing we can do about nor should it actually matter. Despite your religious or non-religious beliefs, our fellow Christians (whether you believe it or not) are our kin who are in this battle against the Satanic/demonic/anti-Christ/anti-Human/ Zio-Communist Anti-White Liberal forces trying to destroy us all. There is no reason to waste our time bickering over man-made holidays.

What we need to take from this is that we need to start thinking like White Rabbits – breed more and stick together to protect our nests. Instead of arguing over whose invisible beings are the right “gods” or “god”, try to establish a good relationship with someone of the opposite sex and focus building a family. Try to take these holidays, whether you find them silly or not, and appreciate the time you have with those who actually matter in your life.

Those of your own family (with children), make sure you enjoy this day by thanking and honoring your ancestors for it. Teach your children the value of honoring those who came before them. Look at your children and be proud that you have the courage and selflessness to give them life and protect them from the evils of this world, as your forefathers did for you. We must learn to honor our heritage and pay homage to those who came before us. They did this all for us so we could enjoy a better life then they did. They fought the wilderness, conquered new lands, died in wars, faced diseases and sacrificed their lives to make this all happen for you, so that you didn’t have to live in a harsh world as they did. Be thankful for that.

Those of you with no children, you might think about what you can do to make this world a better place for them when you do have them. Those who don’t care to have children, cherish this day with your entire family/friends. If you don’t have a family or friends (for you hermit types), then think of ways that you as an individual can change the world around you like helping someone in a positive way, doing SOMETHING for a cause greater than yourself.

Sadly, most of us have grown selfish and complacent and do not honor nor care for anyone or anything, which is why our nations are falling apart; which is why our families are falling apart; which is why our enemies are able to destroy us. It is up to us to regain our nobility and reclaim our duties so we can restore our nations and people to their former glory. How we got to this point really doesn’t matter; what matters is that we do something about it. Only together can we stand against the forces of evil and bring balance to our families and societies to restore natural order. We cannot do it alone. So enjoy your day and think about everything I’ve said as you stuff your face with the fatness and goodies of today’s festivities.

Happy Easter.