Western Voices World News Listed As Among the Top Thirty Five “Hate” Websites

NOTE: There is a distinct possibility the source of this information originates NOT from our enemies but rather from allies in a kind of Trojan Horse operation. We strongly suspect this site was actually created by White nationalists, since it is is full of links to what it calls “hate” sites. We may be wrong but there is something devilishly sneaky going on here. For example there is not ONE single black separatist or Islamic site listed, both of which are viciously anti-Semitic as well as anti-White.

In truth, look at what they say: Thoughts proceed actions, not the reverse. Thoughts do matter, and certain thoughts should be made illegal, because they lead to hate crimes.


Then again, it is always possible these psychotic sentiments truly are the ravings of our deadliest of enemies. There is more than enough evidence out there for this to be quite true.

Moreover, we have never seen, or rarely seen, a real “anti-hate” site making a point of linking to white nationalist websites the way this one does. Neither have we seen, or rarely seen, a group such as this soliciting for donations as they are normally VERY well funded by deep pocket donors. Nevertheless, this is a good development not only for this humble news site but for all the others listed.

This is a frightening development that so-called “White Liberationists”, “White Civil Rights” and “White Human Rights Activists” who are really nothing more than odious separatists, have moved from the bleeding edge fringe of social obscurity toward reaching the mainstream. Even worse is the fact that many anti-Semitic written works are being translated into every major European and Middle Eastern language. David Duke who wrote three major anti-Semitic books, has seen them translated by independent extremist activists into more than a dozen languages without the authors permission. Please monitor these hate sites, and report any other hate sites on the Internet that are popular, so we can contact their Internet Service Providers requesting to have them removed from the web.

35. White Genocide Project (729,537)
34. Racist Jokes (726,488)
33. Traditionalist Youth Network (723,960)
32. ANU News (715,306)
31. White News Now (560,034)
30. Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (486,368)
29. Darkmoon (484,342)
28. The Political Cesspool (461,837)
27. Incog Man (458,251)
26. Institute for Historical Review (422,141)
25. Gun Owners of America (398,158)
24. Vanguard News Network (378,082)
23. The White Network (339,528)
22. MajorityRights.com (338,896)
21. Southern Nationalist Network (337,160)
20. Western Voices World News (242,358)
19. Occidental Dissent (218,785)
18. Alternative Right* (215,085)
17. DavidDuke.com (210,308)
16. The White Voice (199,774)
15. The Occidental Observer (179,043)
14. The White Resister (171,731)
13. Counter-Currents Publishing (163,062)
12. Total Fascism (155,609)
11. NumbersUSA (118,819)
10. The British Resistance (114,141)
9. VDARE (106,297)
8. British National Party (104,852)
7. Vanguard News Network Forum (83,704)
6. TruTube.Tv (71,377)
5. The Daily Stormer (58,629)
4. American Renaissance (53,290)
3. Metapedia (47,966)
2. Top Conservative News (46,982)
1. Stormfront (15,237)