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Republicans and Political Observations

by Doug Eiderzen

For the republicans, a great gnashing of teeth is taking place as they realize that this country is fast becoming a one party government; and that, for the republicans, such an existence will become hostile and unreceptive, if at all. Most certainly, what looms on the horizon does not include them. However, for the racially minded European American/European person, there has been the existence of living within enemy occupied territory for many years.

Initially, some of the worst disappoints we experience, as time passes, turn out to be the greatest blessings. In reality, Mr. Romney was no better than Mr. Obama. Just as in the 2008 presidential election, Mr. McCain was, actually, no better than Mr. Obama. Remember, a ship is covered by water whether it is two feet or two miles under the sea; the depth of the plunge matters little.

Sadly, the America to which many of us visualize and envision was lifeless and finished in the 1970s. Truth motivates us to move on this premise (truth may not be popular or pleasant or agreeable, but truth is always the truth). Once we accept this premise, the ground work for the following becomes a bit more acceptable and easy. When the establishments, of our government, began to move away from the true fact that America is a nation put into existence for European Americans/Europeans by European Americans/Europeans our demise began. The gist of this same statement rings true for our brothers and sisters in Europe and other established Western countries.

The following information is advisement, nothing more and nothing less. Thus, it is a recommendation only. The following might apply to the European American democrat as well as the European American republican. But for the present let us direct our recommendations toward the Republican Party. Each recommendation is approached with brevity as to a regarding of time and space. Also, each recommendation proceeds on the assumption that some politicians of European American/European heritage and blood still retain some identity of racial pride. This is a big assumption and we all know what assumptions are (to assume is the mother of all mess ups). However, with that understood, let us proceed:

Item A: The republicans must move away from the idea of being conservative and focus on what is best for European Americans/Europeans (this is exactly what other racial groups do [focus upon their own]). The republicans must try to invite and relocate the Western man and Western woman to our country of America (e.g., the European South Africans, the European Rhodesians, etc.). By far, European American/European preservation and racial pride will be the most important items to which the republicans must adopt and embrace. The republicans must inspire and instill, within themselves, the European American/European racial mindset.

Item B: Let us bring the troops home. Too many of our soldiers have died and have been wounded-get them home.

Item C: The movement to make the illegal immigrant a citizen will rear its anti-European American/European head in the near future. Also, giving statehood to non-European American/European areas will loom on the horizon. The republicans need to be ready for these issues. Come what may, they need to fight against the amnesty and other anti-European American/European concerns. It is easy to observe how the other races, located within our country, have voted throughout the years (the percentages of how these non-European American/European people vote are easy to observe). Thus, it is ludicrous, to the point of being idiotic, for the republicans to appeal to these other people for votes. Good advice to the republicans would be to cleave unto one ‘s own.A good question to ask is why do they want to remove the European American from the majority within his or her own country? Why do they want to remove the European American culture, in many cases their own culture, from existence? This same question may be asked in Europe and other Western established countries.

Item D: The republicans should not only recognize the secessionist movement but embrace and encourage the movement. After all what have they got to loose, an election? In the Western Voices World News article, “Video: Letterman and Baldwin Mock Secession Drive”, Posted by Frank Roman on: 11/18/2012, the statement is made that 700,000 to 750,000 individuals had signed petitions for secession in different states. Regardless of what Mr. Letterman and Mr. Baldwin say, that IS a lot of people. And, remember these are only the people that have signed. There are probably many, many more that are extremely disgruntled but for whatever reason did not place a name on paper. Most probably, we are looking at a “tip of the iceberg” syndrome concerning the secessionist movement. As Mr. Letterman and Mr. Baldwin joked about removing certain states and eliminating Caucasian, secessionist individuals, now, from a Caucasian, secessionist ‘s point of view wouldn ‘t it be great to be rid of Mr. Letterman and his kind and Mr. Baldwin and his kind?

Item E: The republicans should move to reverse the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. This act was initiated and set in action by United States Representative Emanuel Celler of New York, United States Senator Philip Hart of Michigan and by United States Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts. The reader should research this Act for himself or herself and understand just what the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 produced and formed and set in motion.

Item F: What about a name change for the Republicans? A name change would attract racially minded European American politicians from both of the major parties.

Item G: What about a designation and description change from the term “White” to “European Americans”?

Item H: The huge bundles of cash to foreign governments should cease. Federal money given to anti-European American/European groups should come to an end.

Item I: There should be positive European American/European racial dialogue pursued with Canada, Russia, Europe, Australia and other established Western countries.

Item J: We should go back to the basics issued by the Founding Fathers and reread and take to heart our first ten amendments to the United States Constitution (Bill of Rights). We should study our Founding Fathers ‘ initiatives concerning the issue of citizenship, the issue of voting, the European American mindset and culture and traditions and ethnicity, etc.

Item K: Concerning laws and regulations, what about not receiving or considering any law, regulation, act, decree, etc. that exceeds one page front and back with writing no smaller than font 12? With this implementation, the average European American/European person would have no problem with the workings of government and what may or may not become enacted. Government should become “user friendly” and not difficult to understand.

Item L: The illegal drug problem should be corrected and done away with. There is, truly, no reason why the European American/European person should have to deal with this illegal drug situation year in and year out. Just think of the gifted European Americans/Europeans lost to this problem. There are several ways to correct this. However, to delve into the corrective actions within this writing is not appropriate.

Item M: As the new party is established, what is the main element to be on guard of or to watch for? We must guard against the traitor or the sell-out within our own (for reference: Western Voices World News article, A Betrayal

With the re-election of Mr. Obama, one will hear individuals exclaim that the train has left the station. Some might state, the train pulled from the station with the decision of Brown verses Board of Education in 1954. A Supreme Court case promoted, as a negative for us, by the self-styled conservative republican appointee Earl Warren (thus, the decisions of the Warren Court). The train picked up speed with the passing and implementation of theImmigration and Nationality Act of 1965. And, the train continues to move fast and unchecked with a positive Supreme Court ruling as to Mr. Obama ‘s healthcare plan decided, as a negative for us, by the conservative republican appointee John Roberts. Much proves that it is quite dangerous for us to put faith in the conservative spirit.

As the above comes into play, our antagonists will fall back on and seek refuge by initiating the term “racist”. Often, once the accusation of being a racist has been introduced into any conversation, the debate stops. In my thought, this is where the debate should begin. For how can the European American/European person be a racist within his or her own country? What a silly term to be intimidated by and frightened of. Do not run from this term but engage said term in dialogue. This is our country given to us by our Founding Fathers: presented and bestowed by European Americans/Europeans to European Americans/Europeans.

Now, all the Republicans have to do is muster the nerve to act on the above. I ‘m betting that they haven ‘t the guts.


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