What The Obama Victory Represents


If there is anything worse than unfairness, it is ‘make believe’ fairness.

A recent article on the far left / progressive Addicting Info website listed five reasons why re-electing president Obama was a good thing. The first entry dealt with a rejection of trickle down economics.

Secondly it extolled the unearthly brilliance of Obama voters and liberals in general, and third, their progressive interpretation of ‘fake’ patriotism versus ‘real’ patriotism.

The fifth line item declared that they still have a long row to hoe in terms of nailing the final Red nail into the American coffin, economically culturally and spiritually.However, it was line item number four that caused yours truly to stop, read it again, and then try to shut out the celebratory cackling witch peals, a direct result of an audio hallucination initiated by words:

4. We Are Increasingly A Nation Where The White Male Majority No Longer Rules