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An object for our Two Minutes: High Food Prices

by Mindweapon

Today as I was meditating on the destruction of our enemies, I thought what single thing would serve our purposes best, and the answer came to me:

High Food Prices.

High Food Prices would save our young people from junk food and from (a large part) of television and video games at the same time, because they would have to spend their time farming/gardening.

Just spending time outside, working and talking to other people, would be invaluable for young White people. And spending time in the kitchen, doing canning/dehydrating/pickling would also be very valuable. These sort of things are the basis of scientific thinking — what did you do, what results did you get, how do you get a better result next time? For example, I spent years unable to grow carrots, and even a commercial farmer I knew grew carrots by, in his words, throwing so much seed down that some of it had to sprout. Eventually someone told me that they get carrots to sprout by putting boards over them — they fail to sprout for lack of moisture. I tried that and it worked, but now I’m doing wooden grow boxes with windows over them during the sprouting period to hold in the moisture.

Someone in the Mens Rights Movement made the observation that neither men or women are saints; that we are all pretty messed up, on average, thanks to liberalism and feminism.. I happen to agree with this idea.

And I believe that high food prices would force many, if not most of us to do farmwork and make us better people.

Yesterday I collected two truckloads of horse manure. One for the family I am working with. They have a pile of woodchips and leaves, and I covered it in horse manure, and another load for my own garden. The family I’m working with is making wood framed raised beds (growboxes) and I told them to dig 2 feet down, and the grow box is 1 foot high, so they’ll have 3 feet of my amended soil mix. We’re going to fill it with the leaves/woodchips/horse manure and lime, and they are going to go fishing for sunfish and carp and such in local waterways that almost no one fishes and have an abundance of marginally edible fish, and we’ll put the fish in the soil mix to add nitrogen.

White people will be attractive to one another once again. Obesity will be a thing of the past, and people will be a lot smarter.

Finally, I think that the transition to the next phase will not simply be a return to the past. In the past, people thought that a hard life was mandatory, and there was only a faint sense of using our brains to have a better quality of life. For example, dental hygiene, hygiene in general, preventative medicine — these things were not emphasized. They are quite recent inventions. In the court of Louis XIV they would defecate in buckets and have the servants take out the buckets. They didn’t have running water, though the technology for running water certainly existed! They had the technology to put solar hot water collectors on roofs, for heaven’s sake! But for some reason they didn’t do it. Improvement in quality of life was just not something they thought about. Until Baron von Hausman came along under Napoleon III in the 1870′s, Parisians would get their drinking water downstream of where they dumped sewage! Hausman directed the sewage to urban gardens and cleaned up the Seine (somewhat). They probably had very bad breath. And yet, Antoine Lavoisier, who discovered the conservation of matter, lived at that time of Louis XIV and was executed by the Jacobins since he was sponsored by the royals. European people were overly harsh on each other; of course they went too far the other way, too liberal. But we need to find a sensible middle ground between harshness and not softness, but just being smart about managing society. We were much too heavily influenced by clergy, who, for example, didn’t like things like yoga and qigong as they (correctly) recognized competition for their collection plates.

So High Food Prices will give birth to the next phase of civilization; a phase that will be much more to our liking. We will do what makes sense, and throw off this last, enerverated and degenerate version of Christianity — the liberalism that supports the social services industry by encouraging the proliferation of as many defective and dysfunctional people as possible in order to get more clients.

Editor’s Note: Studies show high food prices correlate to eating more junk food rather than less, because junk food has a lower price per calorie. Nevertheless, for those among our Folk who actually care about what they and their families eat, what Mindweapon is saying is correct: they’ll start to grow more of their own food.


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