Forever 1969

“Not one commentator ever asks, ‘If you want things to change, but the other side has all the money and guns, how do you expect it to happen peacefully?’”

“Take back the street.” The “99%er’s.” “The movement.” The level of self-delusion among participants and newsreaders in this country is breathtaking.

For a handful of weeks now some malcontents, joiners, and admittedly, one or two dozen people with legitimate complaints against society have gathered on “Wall Street” to take back the country. They have no stated aims. No coherent message. Several are seeming escapees of mental institutions.

Some of the “movement’s” inconsistencies are evident immediately. For one, they are not actually “taking” anything. They are not storming the floor of the Stock Exchange as any revolutionary with sand would do. They are sitting in a nearby park and engaging in drum circles and drug-doing.
Granted, some brave souls recently tried to thwart society’s direction by stopping its vehicles. Yet one is at a loss to explain how shutting down (or more accurately, inconveniencing) drivers on the Brooklyn Bridge will bring about economic equanimity.
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