African Immigrant Mother Orders Her Small Child to Hit Teenage Girls

There is a relatively large African immigrant community in Greeley and there have been past conflict between immigrants and other local residents.

A Greeley mother faces felony charges after she’s accused of ordering her small son to kick two teen girls and hit them with a branch.

Greeley police were called to an apartment complex at 1231 29th St. on the night of Oct. 7.

A pair of 13-year-old girls told officers that a woman identified as Shukri Dirir, 26, had her small son kick them and hit them with a branch, according to a police report. The teens said the boy was about 4 years old.

One teen said the incident in an apartment courtyard began with the woman yelling at them, the report said. Dirir is an East African immigrant and one teen said she couldn’t understand what the woman was yelling, except when she cursed them in English.The teens said Dirir motioned for her son to go kick the girls and he did, the police report said. One teen said she pushed the boy away, telling him to stop kicking her.

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