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County Ponders Joining Federal Program to Deport Illegal Immigrant Felons

Of course its an easy bet to consider who is whining the most about it.

It’s a hot topic in Skagit County: Whether a local sheriff should join a federal program with the goal of deporting more illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes.

Members of Skagit County’s Latino community are met at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Wednesday. They don’t like this federal program called Secure Communities, and they planned to go to city hall to share their opposition.

It’s all about fingerprints. Law enforcement agencies across the country routinely send the prints of those jailed to the FBI to see if they have criminal records. Now, the federal government is asking those agencies to also share that information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), to identify violent offenders who are in this country illegally and deport them.”I think it’s appropriate if someone is here illegally and they’ve committed a serious crime, a felony,” Mount Vernon Mayor Bud Norris said.Half the agencies in this country have already joined the Secure Communities program, including six counties in Washington.”This place doesn’t need any more violent people — we have enough,” Courtney Molnar said.

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