Ricardo Duchesne: Progressives Are Running the Universities

And of course, there are the truckling Whites who try to get ahead by trumpeting their self-flagellation.

Ricardo Duchesne is becoming an important voice in defense of the West. In previous blogs, I have called attention to his recent book The Uniqueness of Western Civilization (see here and here). Now he has written an article in a Canadian academic publication on the absurdity of the charge that the Canadian academic world is pervaded by racism (“Progressives are running the universities“). The main points fit with my experience exactly: The university is run by the multicultural left. Not only is it common knowledge that faculty in the humanities and social sciences are decidedly on the left, as Duchesne notes, “it is well known that progressives have been able for decades now to exercise their control through domination of hiring committees and the imposition of politically correct speech codes designed to exterminate dissent.” Academic leftists have been taking their grievances right to the bank:The universities of Canada have worked like a gold mine for progressives. Many of the professors cited in the article have multiple research grants, contracts with government departments, awards for research and teaching, are fellows of the Royal Academy and, in at least one case, is a member of the Order of Canada. I could go on for pages citing their academic honours. University Affairs might have done its readers a greater service publishing an article entitled “The Racism Industry in Academia.”

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