Rise of Far Right an Ominous Echo

Maybe people are simply tired of the destruction wrought by the far left….

Whether in Europe’s ultra-nationalistic parties (a portion possessing either explicit neo-Nazi or neo-Fascist roots), or in the United States’ most reactionary political groups, the West is seeing a rise of the far right not witnessed since the 1930s. At that time, the 1930’s Great Depression had fueled far-right popular movements, and today’s so-called Great Recession appears to be doing something similar.

“You can say that there is something between the emergence of a radical right populist party and economic downturns,” observed Cristian Norocel, a political scientist at both Sweden’s Stockholm University and Finland’s University of Helsinki. Speaking on the rise of Sweden’s far-right Swedish Democrats (SD), a party with neo-Nazi roots that recently won 20 seats in parliament, Norocel saw similarities to aspects of “very early National Socialism [Nazism]”.
Policies recalling German National Socialism “at the end of the 1920s, the beginning of the 1930s” were what Norocel specifically referred to, although today’s SD has renounced violence. Underscoring reason for concern, Norocel told Asia Times Online in a quietly determined voice that “the thing that is worrisome is that the SD party platform appears to be very successful”.

In the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Switzerland, and more, the far right is on the rise, making it to national legislatures and prominence in a number of countries. On November 2, a CNN headline announced: “UK far-right group boasts Tea Party links”.

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