Teen Admits Attacking Couple To Teach ‘Racists A Lesson’

Insane white kids being ‘thugs’

Teenagers admit to attacking a Chickasha couple, bragging about it on Facebook and then say they did it to teach racists a lesson.

According to the police report of the beating incident, authorities are looking for two suspects. 

A third girl who identified herself as Haylee “Ride or Die” Marie on Facebook (LlNK) admits she is a “gangster” and enjoyed issuing the beat down.  The 18-year-old admitted to a friend in an on-line post:  “Bobby call me.  I gotta tell you a story.  I just beat this due’s a** and hit a b***h.  I got my second assault and battery charge tonight.”

Haylee Sweeden doesn’t deny the attack or the post but said she was defending her friends’ honor.

“I have family that is black so that offends me,” Sweeden said. She insisted that the Mrs. Cooper threw the first punch.

According to the Coopers, police haven’t made any arrests, despite the admissions from several teens.

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