A Gulag Called Multiculturalism

“The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” — Aristotle

by Frank Roman and S. B. Edward


The major news organizations have long suppressed minority racial violence against Whites, that’s a given. Many of us have already known about this well known fact, and talked about it for the last sixty years or so till we got blue in the face. And today is no exception. If we look past the current headlines of the continuing decline of the economy, Hurricane Irene’s fainting spell, pre-election claptrap and so forth, we find that racial violence is beginning to boil over like most people have never dreamed it would. In fact this problem can no longer be hidden. Its all out in the open.

Like Andy Nowicki of Alternative Right recently wrote, we are: “In the middle of a summer in which Black flash mobs have ambushed and terrorize unsuspecting Caucasians at public events and a mulatto President speaks placating words to militantly racist Mestizos intent on reclaiming “Aztlan” from the gringos,…”

In other words folks the specter of long simmering large-minded racism, embedded through political correctness and combined with the rising popularity in the US of black “flash mobs,” is a red flag that signals escalating violence may be imminent in American streets. Moreover, I’d venture to say that what we are witnessing world wide including in the United States is tantamount to anti-white racial insurrection. Start thinking about how to defend yourselves and your families if you haven’t already.

Seriously. Whether or not a mob is “flash” or comes in the wake of something, it still has no mercy. Indeed come the 2012 elections and the possible ouster of the black population’s vaunted savior, we will need to consider “other ways” of defending ourselves – and our people as a whole — by something other than merely “talking”.

Indeed the gulag called multiculturalism still has a lot of cells to fill.

Increasingly, censored news of violent racial attacks against Whites have leaked out in the public sphere that continue to tell a very different story, and shapes contemporary history, thanks in large measure to the internet.

Of course multiculturalists will attempt to explain away the excessively high rate of Black violence with references to poverty, urbanization and other bed wetting excuses. Deep down however they know and we know neither of those excuses is correct. What is more, the elevated charge of Black violence is all but independent of the perpetrator’s age, since Blacks of every age group are more violent than Whites in the same group.

Unfortunately, at this time in our people’s continuum only the victors get to write history. Voltaire was right when he stated, “History is the lie commonly agreed upon”.

Additionally, Mary Frances Berry, former Chair of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission once said:”Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.” So she was right too, even though blacks are 9.5 times more likely to commit murder than is the average White, which specifies a primal difference between whites and blacks, but this time regarding the disposition for violence exclusively.

And so in the most fundamental terms the “Diversity is our strength” lie is a perfect example of America’s conquest by its political and social commissars, its writers and its actors. In comparison to the Soviet Union’s Bolsheviks, our fall is being accomplished through lies and stealth instead of brutal oppression; where different ethnic groups were forcibly integrated or they were shot.

All the same, after 75 years of Soviet ‘style’ integration, it never worked there either. In fact, it may have planted the seeds of destruction for the Soviet government and hastened the end of its empire. You know, its really too bad the American people were not privy to a hell of a lot more information about the USSR’s diversity program. Maybe a few more of us after World War II could have connected the dots before the so-called Greatest Generation nonsense became de rigeur– before the Civil Rights Act and the ‘Great Society’ changed European America forever (i.e. radical change of immigration laws).

The politically correct views of the diversity crowd and their toadies — with their slanderous calls of “racist”, “hater”, and “xenophobe” is nothing new and, fortunately, is beginning to wear mighty thin. But the troubling anti-white anti-west physical phenomena occurring worldwide can no longer be suppressed or ignored. Even the demeaning “terms” posted above can now be called into question when solid undeniable facts are examined.

Xenophobia, for example, is a word created specifically in reference to Whites in order to criticize their innate sense of ethnocentrism; an instinctual survival trait hardwired in the brain. Contrary to this, the term “xenophobia” makes this sensible truth sound abnormal. As a matter of course overriding people’s ethnocentrism befuddles social engineers, who rely on indoctrination and reinforcement to advance their doctrine.

And to no one’s surprise ethnocentricism is not only a White “thing”. Even well-to-do blacks still prefer living in black neighborhoods, as exemplified by a report that found two-thirds of affluent black families in northern New Jersey were found to be living in mostly black neighborhoods near urban areas.

Well, I say good. That’s how it ought to be.

Studies have also confirmed that there is “racism” found in infants, which suggests that there is a congenital basis for it  Again, these studies suggest hardwired responses instead of learned social traits.

Indeed, people can be indoctrinated to suppress ethnocentric traits. Television, motion pictures, government decrees and university dogma come to mind. But it doesn’t truly override the human brains’ natural production of oxytocin, otherwise known as the love enzyme. Then again, dogs can be taught to suppress what is natural for them too. Therefore people and animals will always return to what comes natural for them – no matter who doesn’t like it; and that’s why a constant stream of diversity reinforcement (propaganda) is required to continue the deception. And, isn’t that precisely what we have experienced?

Albeit, when that flow of politically correct information gets disrupted, as in the case of non-white dominated “flash mobs” and its racial violence, victimized Whites are now beginning to awaken, an outcome that frightens the power brokers and media gate keepers. As in the recent reported cases in Milwaukee and London, White people are beginning to understand they are being targeted and victimized with malice aforethought. In the 1960s, the term that described mob and gang related impulsive acts of violence by such ‘youths’ was referred to as “wilding’. Which is to say its not over yet, not by a long shot.

But the victims and their allies, unfortunately, are still too scared to organize and do anything about it. However, we must fully understand it is only in terms of a rapidly free-falling economic state, and its effects on rampaging “youts” that the mainstream press is even reporting these incidents, presumably under the pinkish mantle that many of those involved in foreign riots and domestic flash mobs had joined gangs as ‘a cry for help’ – or some such baloney.

Accordingly, racial violence against Whites in the West has been non-stop since the 1960s — to the point where there are areas no White person, or police, will set foot. East St. Louis and South Central LA come to mind. These areas have become autonomous regions in the West similar to what Swaziland and Lesotho were to South Africa.  

As we have previously reported on Western Voices World News, in Norway, almost all rapes in the last five years have been committed by minorities targeting white women. In Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, the same horrific racial problems have arisen as a result of Frankfurt School white hating governments who funded social experimenters’ immigration policies.

Then there’s Brazil.

In 2005, Brazil recorded a total number of 55,000 murders. Adjusting for poverty, race is the overriding factor for the majority of these crimes which equates to a war zone outnumbering three years of Iraqi civilian deaths as a result of American occupation.

Is this what Western nations have wished for?

You can credit thousands of cases of non-white characteristics that has led to thousands of deaths. Mexicans by the thousands drive drunk and kill thousands of Americans. Rapes, a natural presence in Mexican culture, create horrific consequences in America, within and without the Mexican population. Female genital mutilation, a barbaric Muslim practice is ongoing in America with eight million Muslims already here and counting. And of course Europe is literally swamped with British hating Muslims.

You can take immigrants out of the third world but you won’t take the third world out of them. Where multiculturalism has long been practiced, the outcome is clear.

Moreover, where multiculturalism is enforced, (and it is by no means a “White only” problem), there is always some level of disruption. A good example is the article, “Racial Turmoil in Western Australia” which reveals how turmoil has been festering between Australian aborigines and Somalians.

In Papua, there is ongoing conflict between Indonesians and the Papuan Austronesians.

In Zaire, an ongoing genocide is occurring against the Negrillos by encroachment of Congolese ethnic groups.

The Khoi-San people of South Africa are discriminated against by Zulus and other recent immigrants from within Africa.

The examples are endless.

In each case, governments promote a form of ‘multiculturalism’ that has little or no accountability to the upheaval it produces, and they dare anyone to say otherwise. In many cases, it is promoted by the overwhelming force of the government, a force we have all been led to fear. Didn’t we Americans already experience a version of that in the 1960s?

Nevertheless, unlike our enemies who spend whatever time and resource needed to ensure we all believe that “It’s horrifying to imagine kids being proud to be white.” — (Newsweek, Sept. 14, 2009) we believe every culture and race on earth has to be kept alive, yet separate, in order to maintain true diversity. Otherwise, the world will become culturally poorer, a giant Gulag with only one language, one master, and eventually one coffee-colored race. Who in their right mind wants that?

In 2009 I found the following dissertation by an unknown writer and kept it close by. If anyone knows who wrote it please let me know. Consider this:

“The controlled press, and most of the politicians and religious leaders in our country always repeat the mantra “racial diversity is our strength”, but they never explain why diversity is our strength. What does racial diversity do to a country to make it stronger? Does it lower the crime rate? Does it bring people closer together? Does it decrease racial hatred? Does it improve our roads, our educational system, or our health care system?

“Racial diversity does none of those things, in fact, it does just the opposite. But, more than that, racial diversity is a crime against all the races that are forced to live under this modern day neo-religion. To be a racially diverse nation, every race must give up certain rights and suppress certain biological instincts in order to get along, or be ‘tolerant’ of other behaviors, languages, and customs. We must give up our sense of people-hood, community, and commonality, not to mention our Constitutional right of freedom of association.

“When a man is forced by law, or a politically correct orthodoxy to suppress his natural instincts to feel part of something larger than himself; his tribe, nation, or race, he loses his sense of purpose in life. Instead of having an identity and commonality with his countrymen, he is reduced to being just an individual, and at some level he knows that when he dies, nothing will be left of him, for he had no connection to his people.

“While we as individuals do not live forever, our efforts in life that contribute to our society and culture, and the genes that make us who we are, are our only links to a future beyond or own lifetime, and possibly to eternity. But without a nation of racially similar people to be a part of, what links are there? We have been robbed of our birthright; our right to have a common bond with our own people.

“Racial diversity in the world is a wondrous thing, but when practiced within a nation it suppresses man’s instinctive urge to be a part of his own people, and through that, his connection to eternity, and that is a crime against humanity.

“Another crime is the fact that those who support forced or coerced racial diversity are knowingly or unknowingly supporting racial genocide. When different races occupy the same land, a small percentage of each race will breed out of their group, and over time a complete mixing will be achieved, and there will be no recognition of the once separate races that lived there. The racial diversity that this regime and its useful idiots are supporting is leading to the exact opposite of what they say they want: racial diversity. Racial mixing leads to racial extinction, not diversity, and eventually all that will be left is one mongrelized, hybrid type of man. There is nothing noble or beautiful about this, it really is a crime against humanity.”

And there you go. In spite of the dangers and immoral outcomes that make up the gulag multiculturalism, the globalists and opinion shapers would rather you not complain or even notice the recent surge of anti-white anti west racial violence taking root around the world. And right here I would personally declare that not only must we fight back, we also must conform to a new reality and we are obligated now to make conscious decisions to proceed with our evolution.

And, ladies and gentlemen, we can also go so far as to say that “the victorious peoples will be those that remain faithful to, or return to, ancestral values and realities — which are biological, cultural, ethical, social, and spiritual — and that at the same time will master technoscience. The twenty-first century will be the one in which [white] civilization, Promethean and tragic but eminently fragile, will undergo a metamorphosis or enter its irremediable twilight”. (Guillaume Faye)

It doesn’t really matter where enforced multiculturalism exists, it eventually brings devastating problems to any nation or neighborhood. And like I implied a bit earlier, Barack Obama and his media puppet masters are banking on victory in 2012, even if it means the threat of race riots should he lose. Why should we doubt they are willing to go that far; to go down that dark road if need be?

If the Obama squad can’t guilt trip enough of White America into voting for him in 2012 — they are just fine with trying to scare the hell out of some of us in order to win. If you think its bad now wait till he gets thrown out of the White House. The evidence is everywhere as we speak.

Like someone said to me in a recent email, which I would advise you put into daily practice: “No, we DO have compassion, for people who deserve it. But since the world has no empathy for our people, then “forgive” us if we stockpile our weapons and our compassion for OUR people.”

Thanks for listening.