New York Gay Marriage: Follow The (Jewish) Money

Facts are facts.

Larry Auster, the redoubtable proprietor of the View From The Right blog, lives I believe in Manhattan, and so has been exposed full force to the raucous orgy of self-congratulation which has followed Governor Cuomo’s success in legalizing homosexual marriage in New York. Auster is a religious man (born Jewish and an Episcopalian convert) as well as a Conservative and he is disgusted, posting a discussion of a New York Times article on Sunday: Liberals celebrate their disgrace

“They think history will honor them. I think the opposite is the case. I think history will see them as wreckers of our country…

The article itself is a fawning portrayal of Cuomo…It also tells how rich Republican donors, several of them Jews, allied with Cuomo and gave huge sums to pay for the lobbying campaign that led to the homosexualist victory.

And it tells how several legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, who had opposed homosexual “marriage” two years ago changed the minds–for the most insubstantial and personal reasons.”

(Most likely the “insubstantial and personal” reasons plumped up envelopes very nicely.)