Georgia Schools Fix Exam Results in Search of ‘Equality’

Eighty-two teachers and principals have confessed to the cheating, according to the state report.

No mention is made of the race of the children who’s scores were “fixed”, but according to Wikipedia, the 2010 census for Atlanta shows whites at 36.3% and blacks at 54% so it’s not hard to figure out what is likely going on here.

Liberals and the ‘politically correct’ refuse to accept racial differences in terms of IQ and cultural attitudes, and are thus blind to their inevitable affect on examination scores.

For them, “equality” must include equality of results, and if it doesn’t then they simply re-double their efforts regardless of cost. Ideology must be based on reality, not on some impossible notion of equality.

The story below very clearly demonstrates how these impossible ideals have corrupted America’s educational system to the point that teachers and principals will falsify scores in order to achieve the desired results. And in Canada, we have Toronto’s equally ridiculous “Africentric” segregated schools where black children are given smaller classes, extra attention, and “a strong sense of purpose based on African cultural principles”.