Obama Supporter’s Call To Rush Limbaugh Reveals Much

The government protects the right to be anti-white but tries to do away with the right to be pro-white.

Earlier today, Mediaite reported on an off-kilter conversation between radio commentator Rush Limbaugh and a caller by the name of “Walter.” The caller was adamant in arguing against Limbaugh’s assertion that President Obama is doing a terrible job in the White House. Here are some highlights from the painfully-awkward conversation:

RUSH: “Tell me what you think…constitutes ‘a great job?”

WALTER: “That he’s not doing a bad job. I’ve never seen a president yet…yet…do a good job at being President of the United States…and he’s black.” [At this point, Limbaugh tries to ignore Walter’s racial comment.]

RUSH: “So, he‘s fabulous because he’s not doing a bad job?”

WALTER: “Yes…and President Obama had something else on the other candidates that were running…when he won…the fact that he was black helped a lot.”

Mediaite’s Jon Bershad had this to say about the brief conversation:

This was not a call that anyone’s going to like. Obama fans will be forced to shake their heads and move on while Obama haters will be better off playing the audio here instead of telling ghost stories at camp fires.

Watch and listen for yourself: