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An Interview with Louis Andrews

Mr. Andrews had in a previous incarnation been a successful private mortgage broker, and the originator of the Stalking the Wild Taboo project, an educational website aimed at disseminating research on racial differences in intelligence and racial dynamics.

How do you remember the America you grew up in?

It was vastly different. I grew up just outside of Charleston. It was an idyllic way to grow up. It was out in the country, on the water. I always swore I would never live in a place that had sidewalks. Of course now I do, but it was no sidewalks, lots of flood-land and marsh, very rural. The road in front of my house was dirt until I was five years old, in about 1957. I was able to indulge myself as a child, and virtually every day of the year either go fishing or hunting, because I could just walk down to the dock and fish or go out on the boat and hunt or go out on the boat and fish. It was a wonderful childhood. I don’t think anybody will ever experience it again like that.

snip…Do Black children need a Western-style education?

I don’t think so. I don’t know what you mean by Western-style, but probably something that concentrated on the basics: reading and writing and arithmetic up until 8th grade would be more than sufficient. And beyond that you would look for standout students and give them an opportunity to do more. We waste billions of dollars in this country trying to educate people far beyond their ability, and we do this by lowering out standards. There is nobenefit to Whites whatsoever. It’s false.

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