Agrarian Resistance

Become as independent of the system as possible, where it will really hurt: food

One thing that is amazing to me, is that our slavery to the Banker-Industrialist class is one of voluntary slavery (at least at present). We are, to a large extent, able to walk away with our freedom and choose a different path. I say “to a large extent” because the reality is that many are so far down the debt hole that they can not climb out, they can however set their children up to live outside the bondage of the moneychangers. In the future we might not be able to walk away as easy, the past couple of years we have seen the government try to make it illegal to do everything from growing food to buying it. Food is an important part of the new “control grid” they are setting up. Most of the anti-establishment groups in this country are of no great concern to Elite, only Agrarianism truly threatens the very foundation of their empire and I suspect we will become the real villains of the State in the not to distant future.This being said, we still have today the ability to step away and a build the foundations of an alternate order. The best advise on how to do this comes from Lytle’s great essay The Hind Tit, which is available to read online. Lytle is one of the few people who really understood how to best resist the moneychangers.