2011 and Beyond

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved. ~ William Jennings Bryan

By Frank Roman

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The long and mocking history of anti-white racism in the United States places special demands on all of the members of European Americans United. In all of our groundwork, the EAU Board is building cultural and racial unity among the diverse white American population, resisting the programs of hatred against our people as a core issue in the day-to-day work of the organization. We will continue to insist to all of our members and supporters, in practice, that we all uphold the rights of white Americans—as a whole– to practice self-determination and self reliance; to move forward with a long positive history as practiced by the original settlers from Europe. Only a national organization interconnected by local activists can create the unity we need to defeat the most powerful politically correct system the world has ever seen.

As time goes by its becoming more and more obvious the two party U.S. system has all but stopped speaking on behalf of white Americans. But while the international struggles of our kinsmen in Europe and around the world may receive some media exposure, or when someone here in the US occasionally stands tall and expresses the forbidden truth, that alone will not radically increase the cultural and racial consciousness of the upper class, middle class and the working class of our people.In our country the day-to-day bigotry in the system that many white people don’t even see needs to be exposed as life under political correctness and oppression.
Whether we fight against Affirmative Action, set asides, immigration from the Third World, race mixing, the abortion of our future, negative media depictions, or the self hate taught to our young people in school, those who are now awakening—and thank God they are– will not stand with an organization that does not stand with them in the fight for survival. Additionally we urge all of our members and supporters to “work from the inside” if at all possible; by joining groups such as the secessionist movement or a political candidate’s campaign, one that is fitting to help us all reach necessary unity.

Generally, the condition of white America is mostly determined by the strength of their advocates, which despite our media induced fringe-state and the high profile mismanagement of a few “14/88” crackpots; you and I are really the only protection for white Americans against the brutal scam of political correctness, the hypocrisy of non-white pressure groups and vicious media machine. In fact according to what I’ve gathered by the remarks of those more well versed than the average Joe on the condition of our nation and people, 2011 will not be a stroll in the park for European Americans. They all agree that as our respective communities continue to change with more and more multiculturalism, and as our political system becomes more disconnected from the will of the voters extra laws will have to be put into place in order to stifle dissent, and taxes will have to be raised to grow even more bureaucracy with which to control the masses. But as far as I’m concerned this is nothing more than golden opportunity for white Americans to flip the bird at their “masters”, to re-discover what it means to get angry again, to take care of themselves and their extended white American family like they’re supposed to, like we used to do.

Now then, like I said, the condition of white America is more often than not determined by the strength of its advocates, which despite our media induced fringe-state, the only protection for white Americans against the brutal scam of political correctness, the hypocrisy of non-white pressure groups and vicious media machine is guts, imagination, and unity. Guts, imagination and unity. That’s all there is to it. We have entered a new year. It’s time to put up or shut. Time is getting short. The Clinton/Bush /Obama axis is still in power seeking to solidify its New World Order wet dream. Millions of Third World parasites are continuing to breach the southern border and they keep on wrecking our economy and culture. Tens of thousands of our young people are still committing the spiritual treason of miscegenation, race-mixing, while the white birth rate continues to flat line as compared to that of immigrants. Non-white pressure groups are continuing to bribe and frighten spineless politicians on behalf of their own people at all levels of local state and federal government. In the media and universities our own history is still being portrayed as unacceptable and negative with a sizable section of our Folk still unable to see what is great and pure about themselves.  Corporations that long ago left America behind are still dumping millions of dollars into the District of Corruptions’ coffers. All of these things and so much more are an expected result of some Frankenstein mixture of leftist claptrap, democracy, hyper tolerant Christianity and political stupidity.

Get the picture now?

During our last EAU national conference we established the idea that as a group of individuals we have to demand more of ourselves on behalf of the diverse European American population and say to hell with the enemy. To hell with the local and regional anti-racist do-gooders. To hell with the mealy mouthed politicians, to hell with Morris Dees, Abe Foxman and all the rest? Of course. In other words don’t sit on what you know, and don’t stifle your beliefs any more. You say you’re scared? Well, we’re all scared but for different reasons. Still, if someone is scared of something the next logical step is to eradicate that fear by taking direct action against it… and I don’t mean running down a hidey hole because you happened to raise your voice. You see, the current system, believe it or not, still has the fixed inroads and loopholes we need in order to exploit its weakness and expose its hypocrisy against our people.  Not only that in spite of how you perceive things this giant monkey on our backs called the System is still more afraid of you, of us, than is normally believed. Look, think and get busy. That’s all there is to it. But like I said it takes guts, the same kind of guts it takes a mestizo from Chiapas to set out across a furnace-like desert risking drug smugglers and bandits to enter the US—where he will eventually work against us, the host people. Think you can do that?

Right now many of my listeners already know European Americans United is an all volunteer organization. No one, from our rank and file chapter members to the Board, collects a “paycheck” from dues, no one solicits illegal activity, and no one makes a living off any kind of organizational activity whatsoever. In other words EAU was not formed in order to make a handful of people “rich”. It is a group put together and designed for thoughtful resourceful go-getters, not hobbyists looking for a distraction, but rather lobbyists working for a greater good. So let’s get real here because time is short. It’s January 2011. It’s time for you to make a decision — and I’m not preaching to the choir, either. I am addressing all of you who have booted up these pod casts as well as John Youngs’, who read Western Voices World News and value its content, who have analyzed EAU’s organizational and ethical platform. If you think you can’t handle it, fine. Go somewhere else and we wish you nothing but the best. Really we do. As for the rest we need you to join EAU, now. We need you to get involved in the affairs of your people along with so many others who’ve made that decision. We need you to sign up, step up, form a chapter, get sanctioned, and immediately begin addressing concerns in your area, which is always a good place to start. You can choose to be wide open about it or you can be discreet with your work, we don’t care, just do it. Or, if you’d like to donate a little cash to EAU’s expanding outreach efforts you can do that too.

But say, for example, your chapter made it widely known that you’re unhappy with a local church or charity that feeds illegal Mexicans and offers them free English classes. You decide to take it to the airways via talk radio, or pass out literature with critical information, or you take your concerns directly to their front desk. If your actions bring down some heat just make sure that you can boldly back each other up with your own available resources, intelligence and even street smarts. If you need help let us know and we will advise you as best we can. Let well meaning but hapless enemies like these know you are not afraid; that you are willing to expose their political correctness far and wide for what it is, the cultural and ethnic genocide of white Americans; make them defend the indefensible. You can also use the political arena to spread your message. Of course people can call you names all they want, but once you are running for office, you are afforded enforceable rights to free speech, which is to say you will have the attention of the man on the street, the morning commuter, and news junkies. You might even win, if you are persistent enough because people are fed up and some will vote for anyone besides incumbents.

By forcing countless wannabe dictators to defend the indefensible changes perception at some point and ignite doubt in whatever bureaucracy you’re challenging. In other words we need leaders who will spark a fire of righteous anger in their chapter members, by extension the wider community, and send a chill of terror down the spines of our adversaries. It can be done and it must be done; but it has to begin with you now and you have to have the proper back up. Again we need you to sign up, step up, form a chapter, get sanctioned, and immediately begin addressing concerns in your area on behalf of your people. Remember: it is neither immoral nor is it illegal to love your race, your culture and your heritage–no matter who doesn’t like it. Now, in 2011, is a good time to bring that message to our own.  

Thanks for listening.

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