Marvel Studios Re-writes Entire History of Northern Europe.

Boycott this sick movie. — Ed.

This website has been bombarded with the question “Is this just about one black actor playing one Northern European God?” The answer is no. The reason we are boycotting this movie goes much deeper. Marvel Studio’s re-wrote the entire history of northern Europe and marginalized white people as a race in the movie.

Asgard, the realm of the Germanic/Norse gods, is given a complete multi-cultural and multi-racial make-over. The Einherjer are Germanic/Norse heroes who died in battle and were carried to the hall of Valhalla in Asgard by the Valkyries. Marvel Studios depicts the Einherjer as a being white, black, and Asian. This implies that Northern Europe was not only chock full of Asians and blacks, but that blacks and Asian were performing heroic deeds in Northern Europe. Two actors are listed as “Einherjer” in the movies’ credits. One is black and one is Korean.

To depict these men as slain Viking heroes is tantamount to slander against generations of our ancestors. It is a highly offensive form of political correctness. Casting a black man to play Heimdall is only the tip of the iceberg.

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