Report: Third World Immigrants Bring Poverty to America

Leftist / socialist “think tank” inadvertently spill the beans — which underscores the fact that, once again, the so-called “extremists” were right.

A new report by the left-wing policy research and advocacy organization Center for American Progress (CAP) has inadvertently confirmed that “recent immigrants and Hispanics” have brought poverty to the formerly white-dominated suburbs of many American cities.

The CAP report, titled “Trouble in the Suburbs,” said that the nation’s suburbs, once considered by some to be white-picket-fenced safe havens from inner-city poverty, are now home to nearly one-third of America’s poor.


The first factor which CAP identified was “low-income families leaving deteriorating high-poverty neighborhoods in central cities” which somehow mysteriously now find “themselves settled in new pockets of poverty in the suburbs.”


Additionally, suburban communities have seen increased racial and income stratification as low-income workers—particularly recent immigrants and Hispanics—followed the migration of low-skilled and low-wage jobs out of central cities.