A Reader Writes: Most European Americans Are Too Distracted to Help

That is a good way to describe (most) whites all over this planet, in any white nation, city, town, or neighborhood, and they are oblivious to the fact.

by PC

I’m glad this was brought up. At the WN economic summit in Chicago this week, we were discussing the average White seeming not to care about what is happening. I said “I don’t think it’s that Whites don’t care really, I think a lot do. It’s just that the average White has so much on their plate that they don’t have or find the time to devote to researching issues.”.

Think about that for a second. Even us. Even dedicated WN, who live,eat and breath the 14 Words, have so little time to do what we make time to do for our People.Whatever we can, when we can. We know the score, we know the seriousness of our situation, but, many of our racial kin don’t know it to the extent we do. They have work, school, kids, kids activities, baby-sitters, daycare, etc, etc, So many find themselves exhausted at the end of the day only to wake up and do it all over again….almost like they have to be in auto-pilot mode all the time. Planning what free time have to spend on getting away with the family or trips, stuff like that. Many have two jobs, mom has to work…soccer, baseball, man-o-man. If we think about how much free time the average Joe or Sally has after they are done with dealing with their bank loans, car loans, bills, taxes, paying this or that.

I’m not making excuses for them. Obviously we find ways to work in our movement related activities, but again, we know whole score, not just a portion. Sometimes we just forget that average folks do not. They may actually agree with us on many things, and may show that when we talk with them, but sometimes the very thing that happens after talking with us is a call from the in-laws saying they are coming out this weekend, then the boss calls and asks if they can cover for another who has called in sick, and Joey broke his ankle at practice and they have to go the hospital and on and on…I think they let things slide that weren’t already a focus in their lives.

Mainly, it’s the non-whites who have all day to do nothing while the White working mom and dad have to work their asses off to pay for those who do not work.

Sometimes I think messages from us geared towards understanding the hectic routine of average Whites and explaining to them why their lives are so hectic might fare better with some Folks.

“Hey White man, does it seem like you are working more and more these days, making less and less and having less free time with your family? Let me show why you are forced to work so hard and we might be able to help you.”

Just some thoughts.