Muslim is the New Code Word For Racism

‘The lunatics are in my hall’. — Pink Floyd

by Neal Boortz

If you will recall, during the campaign there were some rather amazing charges of racism. Let’s see if we can remember a few:

  • Using the word “skinny” to refer to Obama is racist.
  • “Community organizer” is a racist term.
  • Any reference to a connection between Obama and Franklin Raines, the former head of Fannie Mae is racist … that would be because Raines is black.
  • All references to Jeremiah Wright are racist; that being due to Wright being black.
  • Referring to Obama as “eloquent” is racist because it infers that other blacks are not eloquent.
  • For goodness’ sake, don’t say that Obama is “clean.”
  • Calling Obama a “socialist” is also racist because “socialist” is just another code word for black.

Well who knew that we were still adding to this list? In the wake of this discussion over the Ground Zero Victory mosque, Obama faith has come into question again. One out of every five Americans believe Obama to be a Muslim. Well now, according to MSNBC, calling Barack Obama a Muslim is a backdoor way of calling him the “N-word.” That’s right .. even talking about Barack Obama and Islam in the same conversation is the latest way of implying that you really don’t like Barack Obama because he is black.

Isn’t that amazing?