Murderers Bragged They Robbed and Hurt a “White Boy;” Media Mum

Two career criminals bragged to witnesses that they robbed and hurt a “White boy” (they in fact had killed him). 

Yet this terrible racial bias crime has yet to be reported by any national media outlets. 

Furthermore, one of the murderers had committed several violent crimes recently but was still free. 

On Sunday night, July 25, Stephen Pitcairn was walking down the street in Baltimore, where he did research at Johns Hopkins to find a cure for cancer. 

The young man was talking to his mother in Florida on his cell phone, when a male and a female accosted him and demanded his wallet. 

He handed over the wallet without a fight, yet the criminals fatally stabbed him.

The murderers then went home and bragged to witnesses that they robbed and hurt a “White boy.” Mr. Pitcairn’s bloodied property was recovered from their house. 

As of this writing on the evening of Thursday, July 29, 2010, this racially-motivated murder has not yet been reported by the Associated Press, Fox News, or CNN.