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The Tea Party and You (the Activist Within)

The fact that our enemies have expressed so much fear and loathing of the Tea Party’s potential for white advocacy is too significant to ignore.

By Frank Roman

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I’ve been getting a truly cynical kick lately out of the NAACP’s recent condemnation of the Tea Party. Just this past week (July 2010) at their annual convention they passed a number of resolutions pertaining to jobs, immigration, criminal justice, etc, issues that are allegedly important to all black Americans. More specific was their demand that the leadership of the Tea Party reject its so-called “racist elements”; to make it clear that there is no space in the organization for “bigotry”. Moreover, because CNN criticized Obama for issuing a blanket denunciation of the Tea Party movement the NAACP wanted to make it clear that only some members are “racist” in the Tea Party movement instead of all of them. In other words the NAACP is ordering the Tea Party to shun not the racism of some outside organization, but the “bigotry” within their ranks. You have to wonder though: are they referring to the same “bigotry within” they themselves advocate?Of course the leadership of the Tea Party was for the most part unprepared for this public broadside. By either not realizing or not caring that European Americans are locked into a low level race war with those who have the clear intention of replacing them, they instead fight back by espousing platitudes like smaller government and individual choice; as if those kinds of generalizations were ever important to groups like the NAACP in the first place. They don’t want individual choice — such as the freedom for you to organize on behalf of white Americans–or a smaller less intrusive government without affirmative action, hate crime laws, and so forth. That’s exactly what they don’t want in order to keep whitey in his new marginalized position.

So yes, I’ve been smirking and shaking my head at these clowns all week as they carry on with their self righteous crusade against the Tea Party. I mean, here we have an unashamedly black advocacy group working on behalf of blacks; an explicit pro black entity sounding the alarm over what it perceives as ‘white racism’ in the Tea Party movement. How’s that for hypocrisy? How’s that for unmitigated gall? Moreover it’s my belief these black aggrievement ministers and their clones have been monitoring a wide spread analysis which has recently been criss-crossing the internet –by white advocates specifically– that the Tea Party is in fact an implicitly white organization since the vast majority of its membership roles are white. A good parallel to this phenomena are the sports of NASCAR and hockey—virtually all white. In other words while the Tea Party is not actively pursuing a racial agenda its membership demography is quite worrisome. God forbid the NAACP fears white Americans may stand up for themselves in this age of Obama’s expanding political correctness; declining white birthrates, political demotion and cultural assault (1). Well, I say screw them. We, the so-called “extremists”, warned the white people of our nation that this kind of insanity was indeed coming should a black politician ever enter the White House; and an emerging pattern based on anti white social control is clearer now than ever before. Even the mainstream media hacks can see it now in the form of a ramped up campaign of political and social subversion designed to crush white Americans’ critical thought.

And honestly it really is too bad the Tea Party—with its talent and resources– doesn’t possess the gonads to tell the media and the government and the NAACP to go pound sand. I mean look at these people. They’re mad as hell. They know something has gone terribly wrong but they just can’t put their finger on it without resorting to Beck-ish platitudes and Hannity-ad hominems. Oh sure they can rattle off genuine nation killing policies like nationalized health care, unacceptably high unemployment, TARP bailouts and stimulus spending, unsustainable welfare handouts, and so on. As important as these things are it’s still a shame (at this moment in time) the Tea Party doesn’t explicitly believe that European Americans have a right to decide how they will live; that it really is ok for white Americans to organize on their own behalf.  Moreover, they would never agree to the idea that an eventual geographic separation is necessary for the preservation of ALL unique people cultures and values; we’re a “melting pot” you know. Instead they break their own backs trying to convince their one trick enemies that they’re not racists, to no avail of course, and they insist that any manifestation of so-called white racism that crops up in their ranks will be dealt with harshly. I guess we can’t blame them too harshly for this kind of soft headed thinking. After all many of them have been willing purveyors of “anti-racism” for decades at their own expense — as delivered by a hostile media and government education system. Rather the Tea Party’s elemental interest ought to be what most benefits European Americans as a people since the preservation of their genes and lands is undeniably in their own best interest.

In fact they can run that patriotic / Glen Beck / multi-culti / American nonsense up the flag pole until the cows come home and it won’t make a dimes worth of difference to their enemies. The fact of the matter is there will be no America without a majority white population and its corresponding racial and cultural preeminence. But you can be sure the NAACP and a host of other explicitly racial pressure groups (on behalf of their own kind) understand the above conceptions quite well as they band together against the founding race of this nation. They all want a non-white America in spite of their sappy appeals for equality and brotherhood; and by God they’re getting it.

That’s why we at EAU and other volunteer organizations across the land have always insisted that responsible white Americans continue to be involved in the Tea Party movement. What is most important is that you get involved in a positive fashion by engaging the system on behalf of our Folk. Let the NAACP, the SPLC, the ADL and other bigots continue to croak and moan about the specter of white racism, to hell with them. Let Eric Holder keep overstating his concern about so-called neo-Nazis and allegedly violent militias as set forth by the hucksters and liars at the SPLC and the ADL. Let the Justice Department continue its lopsided anti white enforcement of the law. When you boil away the brainwashing these cartoonish declarations have nothing to do with you. Get inside the Tea Party movement no matter which non-white hypocrite, leftist agitator, or party member doesn’t like it. Become as priceless a member as possible and work hard to address the ills the Tea Party is justifiably concerned about. Moreover, let them know you support all movements and efforts that defend European Americans from slander, canards, and imposed labels—you know, like the NAACP is applauded for doing.

As you set about your work within the Tea Party (or any other organization for that matter) remember to convey as often as possible that “multiculturalism is a tool used by … elites to dismantle white Western civilization”. ~(Pat Buchanan from a 2004 speech given in Falls Church, VA) Likewise “One does not have to be a racist to recognize that the federal government has no constitutional authority to prohibit racial or any other kind of discrimination by private parties.” ~ (Walter Williams, The Right to Discriminate) Also, at the risk of beating a familiar dead horse, most white Americans were not informed that in 1960 the United States was all but 90% European American, but has dropped to around 65% due in large measure to rampant Third World immigration and a cultural shift that forgoes child rearing in favor of entertainment and shallow self fulfillment. These things and more must be conveyed by you as an activist within.

And as you continue to find your allies and supporters within and without the Tea Party, you will be fulfilling the dread that predicts a great deal of problems among the manifest haters of our people. The fact that our enemies have expressed so much fear and so much loathing of the Tea Party’s potential for white advocacy is too significant to ignore. They are telling us what they don’t want to see happen—which is to say that is EXACTLY what must happen. In other words give them their wish, fulfill their self imposed prediction with impunity. But more importantly you, the activist within, will help make the challenges our people are facing understandable and actionable. And really — watch what happens as you augment that important verifiable implicit whiteness of the Tea Party which in due course will transform into explicit whiteness; watch what happens when the right people hit their moment of epiphany–as the charge of “racist” continues to fall flat no less.

If all goes well it will be a glorious awakening.

(1) Living under a tyranny of what Noam Chomsky calls manufactured consent; we need only realize that we can withdraw this consent by simply changing the way we live.  Manufactured consent requires our participation; especially our economic and cultural participation.


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