Obama Is In Over His Head

Typical unsustainable Beltway mentality

Democrats expect voters not to notice, or care if they do notice, that legislators have not passed a budget for next year’s federal spending.

The Pelosi-Reid “leadership” team have “gone off the grid” of congressional practice and not even pretended to care about spending targets and deficit projections. Humming “que sera sera, what ever will be will be,” they twirl toward summer vacation and the November elections beyond.

President Obama and his congressional allies expect to be assisted in their casual shuffling off of the most basic of Article I duties by a Manhattan-Beltway media elite, quick to assure their dwindling audiences that the abandonment of budgeting isn’t completely without precedent. Lefty pundits can and will point to a year or two where the pressures of business ended the hope of a formal budget.

Thus do the Democrats steel themselves to face a furious electorate: “What deficit? We don’t have no stinking deficit. We haven’t even passed a budget yet.”

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