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Britain’s Somber Election Results

After 13 years of Labour rule in the United Kingdom and the scandals that came with it, most suspected that the May 7 elections would have been a landslide victory for David Cameron and the Conservative Party. However the opposite is true. Despite the knowledge that the Labour Party wanted to balkanize the population and despite Labour taking away the British people’s right to vote on the Lisbon Treaty, the Conservatives only pulled out 36% of the vote. In a time in which the rest of Europe is moving steadily toward the right, the United Kingdom is not, or at least there are no visible signs as of yet.

The Labour Party of course did not win anything in this election, it was an obvious defeat, but the Conservative victory should not be viewed as an intellectual shift of the British populace, it is merely a reaction to the 13 years of Labour rule. After all, the BNP and the UKIP only won 1.9% and 3.1% of the popular vote respectively. But just as the Conservatives gained a moderate victory, the Liberal Democrats may have gained even a larger victory. The Liberal Democrats did loose five seats, but with no party being able to rule alone, the Conservatives or Labour are going to be forced to make a coalition with the Liberal Democrats, hence putting the Europhile, environmentalist party, in a strong position.
But what does this all mean? It means that the United Kingdom is still trapped in its move to the left. In regards to the European Union, the Conservatives are only moderately Eurosceptic, while Labour and especially the Liberal Democrats are very pro-Europe. In their negotiations with each other over a possible coalition, Nick Clegg, head of the Liberal Democrats, told David Cameron that the issue of Europe is one that the Liberal Democrats will not compromise on and in an environment where the Conservatives need a coalition and need to make one before any Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition can be formed, the Conservatives might just compromise on this issue, not to mention a whole host of other areas such as the environment and anti-defense spending.

The only favorable result from these elections for the right is in the realm of immigration. Though the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are not as strong against illegal immigration as perhaps most right wingers would like, they both are for reforming immigration laws and perhaps even reducing immigration numbers. But the jury will still be out to see how this all plays out. But either way, when it comes to the realm of national survival, the United Kingdom is still not as far along the path to recovery as the rest of Europe is, unfortunately.


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