Texas High School Student Murdered in Mexico

Seriously misled European American girl is murdered while in Mexico hoping to help smuggle illegals across the border.

A local high school student has been found murdered in Mexico, after her mother told police she went down there to learn how to transport illegal immigrants across the border.

On Tuesday night, friends and family gathered at the teen’s Sugar Land home. Cars lined the driveway, people spilled outside.

And at Kempner High School, the loss of one the school’s brightest students has been tough enough.[snip

Mandala, we have learned, was reported missing to Houston police on May 1. Her mother told authorities she had rented a car a few days earlier to go to Mexico to meet up with someone.

According to missing persons, her mother told police that she wanted to be a coyote — a human smuggler. Her mother also told police Elisabeth was an exotic dancer. (What is wrong with this girl’s mother? -Ed.)