Man Commits Suicide Over Racism Accusation

We are going to change this world so that we never have to see horrifying stories like this ever again.

by Kevin Deanna

Political correctness does not just infect the United States. It affects our entire Western family.  An extreme, though revealing story out of New Zealand today: Two friends, a white man and a black man, saw some immigration officers outside their office. The white man jokingly said to his friend, “You’d better hide.” A trifle indelicate perhaps, but like most normal people, the black guy didn’t care and interpreted this as a joke. Both men probably thought nothing of it.

However, one of those insufferable busybodies that constantly feel the need to police our words and thoughts reported this deeply serious matter to company higher-ups. Such is the world we live in that the white man was immediately suspended from his job. Devastated, Roy Amor, 61 years old, shot himself.

Who benefits from this system? Certainly, not the family of Mr. Amor, who leaves behind a wife and his grown-up son and daughter. Certainly, not the unidentified black man, who didn’t care about the joke, attended Mr. Amor’s funeral, and lost a friend. Certainly, not the company, which lost a good worker by all accounts and clearly someone who valued his job and held it to be an important part of his life. Has racial justice somehow been advanced by this incident? Is New Zealand somehow a better country because a this man was driven to such despair that he took his own life? Does anyone touched by this incident feel that political correctness somehow has made their country a better place?