The War on Oblivion

A Discussion about the Future of Fatherhood in the West

by Jack Donovan

The birth rate of whites—native Europeans—in Europe is well below replacement level. As many writers including Pat Buchanan and Mark Steyn have noted, the aging, bloated European welfare states will increasingly be sustained by immigrants who are openly hostile to European culture. In America, our immigrants are much less likely to blow themselves to smithereens. But Hispanics are having 59% larger families than whites on average. Whites have long been headed for minority status, and Latinos are already flexing their demographic muscle in government and entertainment. The new majorities have their own cultures, and they will have their own interests to promote. The stewardship of Western Civilization isn’t their responsibility or their problem.

Somewhere in the litany of “hate facts” about the decline of white birth rates is a lesson about what happens to people-any group of humans, really-when they abandon family life and choose instead to promote consumerism, self-indulgence, non-reproductive sexuality and female careerism.
Occidental birth rates were already dropping before the deep recession. An article in a recent issue of The Atlantic ominously suggested that disproportionately increased male unemployment—the “mancession”—could have a dramatic effect on the stability of existing families, and make starting new families even less attractive to the young.

To pull Western Civilization out of its death spiral, Western men and women would have to conduct some sort of “War on Oblivion.” Westerners would have to re-assert the primacy of the reproductive family and stabilize their birth rates, or risk seeing their culture and heritage become dead history.

However, we seem to be doing just the opposite. Lawmakers and enforcers have colluded with feminists, progressives, and neocons alike to make dating women, getting married and fathering a big family seem like just about the dumbest thing a young man could do right now.

The Spearhead is a new online men’s magazine that focuses on men’s issues from, in many cases, a virulently anti-feminist perspective. It’s putting a younger, harder game face on the “Men’s Movement,” and its readership has been exploding. Some of its writers and readers identify as “MRA’s” (Men’s Rights Advocates), some go by the acronym MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), others consider themselves part of the “game” community. As a sometime writer for The Spearhead, I’ve learned much from these men about new legal and social hazards of sex, dating, marriage, and child-rearing. Some of these guys have really been burned, and they’re madder than Hell. The man behind the scenes at The Spearhead writes as “Welmer,” and as a divorced father of two, he feels their pain.

To begin with, why would men even want to be fathers today? Depictions of fatherhood in pop culture suggest that in a couple of generations we’ve gone from “Father Knows Best” to “Father is a Completely Inept But Loveably Quirky ATM Machine.”

Women say men should simply share the duties of parenting equally, but the media still giggles at stay-at-home dads, referring to them as “Mr. Moms.” Motherhood is sacralized, but any suggestion that fathers play a uniquely important, non-disposable role in child rearing is met with outrage and indignation from the growing hoards of single mothers.

What’s in it for men? Is it worth the sacrifice? Or should men who want to pass on their genes just make a deposit at the local sperm bank and save themselves the aggravation?