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A Post-Racial President …

… or a man with an agenda?

Ever since he caught the nation’s eye, Barack Obama has been careful notto be too black. At the risk of alienating the pushier segment of hisnatural constituency, he has tried to cultivate a “post-racial” imagethat does not scare off too many whites. It was a balancing act thatworked well during the presidential election campaign, and culminatedin an almost Second Coming-like atmosphere for the inauguration.However, after a year in office, Mr. Obama’s post-racial pose iswearing thin. Both his actions and his appointments reveal a leftistand implicitly racial agenda that is awakening whites to the fact thathe does not stand for them. If he does not shore up his rapidlycrumbling white support — and it is not clear how he could do thatwithout repudiating much of his record so far — 2012 could be the endof the road for Barack Obama.
Shortly before his death in February 2005, frequent American Renaissance contributor Sam Francis predicted Mr. Obama’s ascension to the presidency and explained the dangers of his post-racial façade:

“Moreover, while openly racial candidates like Mr. Sharpton or JesseJackson helped instigate white racial consciousness — if they can beblack, why can’t whites be white? — Mr. Obama works against it: If he’sneither white nor black, why should you be white? Mr. Obama, in otherwords, is both a living testament to the power of black racialconsciousness and identity and at the very same time a livingrenunciation of white racial identity.”



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