Israel Pulls Strings in America

Macho Americans who prance around as if they owned the world arenothing but the puppets of Israel. The U.S. is not a country. It is acolony.

“Settlers attack West Bank mosque and burn holy Muslim books” was a London Times headline on Dec. 11, 2009.

These attacks, together with the demolition of Palestinian homes,the uprooting of Palestinians’ olive groves, the innumerablecheckpoints that prevent Palestinians from accessing schools, work andmedical care, the Israeli wall that denies Palestinians access to theland stolen from them, and the isolation and blockade of the Gazaghetto, are part of the Israeli government’s policy of genocide for thePalestinians.

The Israel lobby has such power over America that even formerPresident Jimmy Carter, a good friend of Israel, is demonized for usingthe polite term—apartheid—for the genocide that has occurred over thedecades during which American “Christian” preachers, together withbought-and-paid-for politicians, justified Israel’s policy of slowgenocide for Palestine.

In March 2003, American citizen Rachel Corrie stood in front of anIsraeli bulldozer, made by Caterpillar and sent to destroy aPalestinian home. Her courageous act of defiance was regarded as anannoyance, and she was run over and murdered by the Israeli bulldozeroperator. Israel suffered no consequences for its murder of an Americancitizen who had a moral conscience.

In the Israeli-controlled American media,we hear endlessly that Palestinians are terrorists who strap onexplosives in order to kill innocent Israelis and who terrorize Israelitowns by firing rockets into them. One look at the maps is enough tomake clear who the real terrorist is. The success of Israeli propagandain the face of totally obvious facts damns the ignorance and unconcernof the American people.

Palestinian loss of land 1946 to 2000