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15 Greatest Lies All Women’s Magazines Tell

But lets not pretend mens’ mags are any different. — Ed.

Women’s magazines have come under fire in recent years, and for goodreason. It’s taken a long time, and many hurt women, but theseso-called publications are all getting called out more andmore frequently for spewing loads of hot air — and often outright lies— to their readers. Spending no more than five minutes reading one ofthese rags can be enough to cause mild brain-damage, with the sheeramount of bad advice regurgitated month after month. We went through afew months’ worth of all the worst offenders, and honestly the effectis probably worse than sniffing glue — but we’ve got results. These arethe 15 absolute worst lies that all women’s magazines tell — they’vegot millions of readers, so it may be a little scary.
Women’s magazines love to come from the overwhelmingly pretentiousstandpoint that any woman who hasn’t spent a summer in Paris isbasically an illiterate housewife in a trailer-park. Over and overagain, the idea is drilled in that women who’ve gotten married withoutfirst sleeping with a different man in another country are destined toa failed marriage, as they couldn’t possibly have made the right choice without knowing how a foreigner is in bed first.



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