Intermarriage and Cultural Suicide

Enforced diversity results in no diversity.

A recent poll found the vast majority of WWII vets in Britain loatheZANU Labour Party and what they have done to that once great nation.Many have stated that they would never have fought Hitler had theyknown that their treasonous élites would allow the French and Germansto run their lives through the EU, or that hostile, illiterate and inmany cases inbred Third World savages would be allowed to invade andcolonize their country without the people’s consent. Such feelings arewidespread in all Western nations that are being inundated with thisrabble. While I don’t suggest that young people must be beholden to allthe whims of their elders or ancestors, I do think the wishes of one’sparents, grandparents and forebears should be given consideration.These people did not toil to see the fruits of their labors handed overto alien peoples. This is as relevant to intermarriage as it is toimmigration.A good many things have been said about the individual experiences ofpeople who intermarry, or those who are the products of mixedmarriages. Much has also been added here about the societal effects,but as far as I can remember, nobody has yet brought any statistics tobear on the discussion, so I think I will do so. First, I would like topoint out that less than 100 years ago, white people accounted foraround a third of the world’s population. Now we are not much more than12 percent. In fifty years we could be half that. In a centurypractically extinct given current demographic projections. In theUnited States, whites have fallen from 90 percent less than fifty yearsago to only 75 percent today, according to official sources. Of course,literate people know the real figure is closer to 65 percent, since theliars in the census department (or their Marxist masters in government,take your pick) intentionally inflate the figure by counting as whitesuch sundry groups as Indians, Pakistanis and Arabs.