BNP Now in Alliance With European Nationalists

Protection of Europe against the new threats of terrorism, as well asagainst political, economic, financial or religious imperialism.

The British National Party (BNP) has joined forces with far-right groups in a new European Alliance of National Movements.

The movement will not be recognised as a political bloc in the European Parliament, but it might receive EU funding as a pan-European grouping.

BNP leader Nick Griffin – one of two Euro MPs from the party – said the funding would be 11m euros (£10m).

French and Hungarian nationalists are heading the alliance with the BNP.

Fellow MEPs Bruno Gollnisch of the French National Front and Balczo Zoltan of the Hungarian Jobbik party launched the new movement in Brussels, alongside Mr Griffin.

They do not meet the EU minimum requirement for recognition as a political grouping in the parliament – that is at least 25 members from seven countries.

Rejecting ‘superstate’

The BBC’s Dominic Hughes in Brussels says the new alliance will have to satisfy complex EU rules to gain access to EU funding.
He says there is also a question mark over how well the new allies canwork together, since an attempt to form a similar group in the previousparliament – known as Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty (ITS) -collapsed in November 2007.