Wednesday, August 4, 2021


Who in the world could like Pre-Obama America? The boring, white-bread world that represented America when it was 90 percent white as late as 1964?

Wait, wait, wait. It is a well documented fact that the majority of Black people live in major cities (an important website that shows which states in America have the highest Black population can be found here) and thus – despite those pioneering Stuff White People Like whites who practice gentrification – have few white neighbors.

Strangely, white people don’t want to live among Black people despite the ululating protestations of disingenuous white liberals who demand complete integration yet flee farther from Black people than their MARs counterparts.

Is this implicit whiteness on the part of white people, as some people have postulated? Is it a revulsion at the spectacle of the creeping reality of Clayton County and Cook County into all parts of the country that have Black people and the horror of what happened in St. Louis recently that continues to push white people into enclaves that are economically inaccessible to most Black people, sans athletes?
No, Black people know the real reason white people enjoy living amongwhite people – and the occasional token Black – and it isn’t thatdifficult to comprehend, requiring few academic credentials to decipherand qualify: the reality of underclass Black criminality, which sadlycomprises a large cross-section of the Black community acting asveritable Pac-Maneating both sides of a Venn Diagram (let us take a look at Memphis andthe deconstruction of Section8 housing and the scattering of Blackpeople into new areas of the city, as only The Atlantic Monthly could regale):



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