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Obama, Ayers, and Chavez and the Inextricable Ties That Bind

They’ve followed Alinsky’s game plan from the beginning, and they’re proud to continue and promote the ideas of a Marxist.

Is the association between Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and BarackObama as innocent as the media and the President’s people would likeyou to believe? Are Ayers and Dohrn reformed radicals, whose onlypurpose in life at this moment, is higher education in America? Havethey repented and since condemned their actions and the crimes theycommitted, as well as those carried out by their disciples, The WeatherUnderground?

Perusing their activities during their “radical” days of domesticterrorism, as well as their more recent activities is warranted,because I in no way believe in their purported metamorphosis fromradical Communist to exalted educators.

Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, leader of the radical Weather Underground,both attended Columbia University in New York in the early 1980’s,during a time the Weather Underground was still active in the role ofCommunist terrorists. It seems unusual that they never met, consideringhow close Obama and Ayers later became. Close enough, in fact, that itseems Ayers held the celebration to launch Obama into politics. Inreality, it was during the 1980’s that members of the WeatherUnderground were involved in the murder of three police officers, themurder of a Brinks armored truck driver, and the wounding of hispartner. I find it difficult to believe Obama never heard of thisincident, nor met the man who was involved up to his eyeballs and whichoccurred less than 20 miles from the University both he and Ayersattended. I will allow you to decide what you believe.



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