How The Green Revolution Worked in Iran

One Case Study

James Joseph Sanchez

Iran’s would-be Green Revolution, like so many other color revolutions, was launched by a network of Oligarch-backed NGOs, foreign-financed militias, marginalized groups, minorities, and even some deluded, but genuine reformers. The techniques that have been used to destroy democracy throughout the West are being used to crush democracy everywhere in the world, and by the same people who destroyed it here.

I have been reading the documents of one obscure NGO that clearly played a role in the recent Green Revolution, and it offers an interesting case study. The organization is "Iran Free the Docs" (IFTD) and the 83 documents it has posted on its website ( IFTD is typical of scores of NGOs that were created or mobilized for the Green Revolution.

IFTD was set up to protest the arrest and conviction of two Iranian AIDS doctor-activists, the Alaei brothers. With respect to the charges against and conviction of the Alaei brothers, IFTD repeatedly and consistently (with only one exception, as we shall see below) states: "It is not against the law to fight AIDS."
IFTD presents many statements by supporters of the brothers: by people who are identified by name are in the United States are largely Jewish (one Jewish supporter of IFTD so hates the Palestinians that she cannot even acknowledge their existence); by Asia Society Pres. Richard Holbrooke (the Neo-Con, Jewish-Supremacist creator of the Muslim Republic of Bosnia inside Europe) honors the brothers; and by other AIDS activists at international conferences of AIDS activists (this allows IFTD to claim that Thailand, Russia, China, France, Kenya, Uganda, Australia, Germany, UK, USA, Egypt, Brazil, El Salvador, etc. have condemned Iran, when actually only AIDS-militants from those countries had signed onto IFTD petitions). None of these people or institutions are known to have any particular interest in human rights in Iran.

Moreover, the IFTD itself is closely associated with the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, a very new organization totally aligned with the Green Revolution.